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Not sure if you are aware of this but MPs are debating NHS ivf provision on Thursday 19th. You can go onto the Facebook debate page - -

From now until 16 January you can help inform an MP debate on the future of NHS IVF by having your say online.


I chose to email the lead MP Steve McCabe though as not posting my story/feelings publicly as not everyone I have on FB know my situation and they would maybe see the post.

Anyway if you can please post or contact him! The postcode ivf lottery is disgusting or if the government scraps it all that's awful xxx

Ps Contact your local MP too!

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  • I will definitely email him. Without having our cycle of IVF on the NHS we wouldn't have our beautiful little girl today. It is so important to lots of couples. Xx

  • Exactly! Also contact your local mp xxx

  • Just emailed Steve. Will email my local mp too

  • I posted a link for this a couple of days ago but got no response 😕 C'mon people this is important x

  • I don't have Facebook! But I can certainly send an email. I emailed my local MPs and ccg after my first ivf which failed because where I live you only get 1 funded cycle to make sure they knew how disappointed, let down and appealed I was that my chances of a family were greatly reduced because the NHS won't support me financially

  • The postcode ivf thing is awful I agree!

    Good you email. You should re email your local one again for Thursday.

    Think it's bad it just debate through fb as not everyone has it or some people don't want to make their post public as it's a private issue xx

  • I don't care about publicity at all I don't think we should all be forced underground about this. I agree it is private but it shouldn't be an unspoken issue either.

  • Hi, do you have the email address for lead mp? Hope I'm not too late!! Xxx

  • Hi Hun this is it stephen.mccabe.mp@parliament.uk

    However not sure how much attention he will give if we are not his constituents so email your own aswell xx

  • Are there any updates from this today?

  • Hi Hun just watching at the moment on this


    Not a good MP turnout. Also Steve posted this on his website stevemccabe-mp.org.uk/node/944

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