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How to boost your fertility

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Hello, has anyone ever tried holistic methods to improve fertility? How about supplements? Is there anything you can do to improve fertility other than the usual folic acid and no smoking & drinking ? Thanks

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Hi Zina85,

I believe there are a couple of things you (and your partner) can do to hopefully improve your fertility. Earlier this year we had a consultation with an (in my opinion) amazing doctor and she made some suggestions regarding our lifestyle, that might apply to you too.

- (for both) No red meat (fish and chicken are okay), I was okay with that as I am a vegetarian anyway

- No alcohol consumption for me, but my partner is allowed 2 units per week, since we are on this IVF journey I stopped drinking anyway

- (for both) Of course, no smoking

- Your partner needs to regularly ejaculate (2-3 times per week), avoid cycling & rowing, and shouldn’t wear tight/lycra underwear (instead boxers)

- My partner is taking: Wellman Conception, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin D, Lycopene, Omega3

- I am taking: Folic acid, Omega3, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, DHEA tablets and will also add Melatonin during egg stimulation

In addition to the above,

- eat organic, non-processed food,

- try to stress as little as possible (I find this so difficult),

- reduce caffeine and

- exercise/be active

- overall live a healthy lifestyle.

I suggest you speak with your doctor before taking any supplements/vitamins.

I wish you all the best♥

Thank you so much fit the detailed reply. I'll struggle with no red meat but everything else I can do. Thank you thank you thank you

I went caffeine free (caffeine imo is a big fertility offender - more than alcohol) I had acupuncture - my GP suggested I switch to naturally occurring folic acid because some women reject the synthetic type. I also was exercising and went low carb to try and lose a bit of weight to take me back to normal.

Thank you for this. I did Not know that caffeine is even worse than alcohol when TTC. Also for men?

We got advice from a nutritionist that specialises in fertility, she suggested:No alcohol

No caffeine

Fish and seafood 3-4 times per week

Organic foods

Not to skip meals - so to regulate blood sugar

Supplement wise:

Both: Cod liver oil, Vit E, co-q 10, prenatal vit (that includes folate for me)

Plus L-caritine for me.

Our consultant also suggested Melatonin for me. I also have acupuncture regularly. And of course, keeping fit and healthy, spending time in nature.

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Zina85 in reply to Lamagarden

Thanks for this. Do you know if it's safe to take co-q 10 with no doc prescription?

I’ve always thought it was. It’s easily accessible without a prescription. I’ve told our consultant everything I’m taking and he said it was fine. Also, forgot to mention, I’ve also been recommended to add collagen, bone broth and gelatine to my diet.

Hi Zina

I got great results with LDN (low dose naltrexone ). It is by prescription only and filled a compound pharmacies . It was a miracle for me. You can go to or do research for LDN and fertility. I give LDN credit for having a healthy baby boy at age 45. All the best to you


Acupuncture was amazing for me, regulated my cycle and balanced my hormones and is ultimately what got me pregnant xx

Great advice, thanks

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