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Dreaded bleeding

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5 and a half weeks and I have had the dreaded bleeding. So frustrating. Clinic said that they will scan me tomorrow to see if there are any obvious reasons.

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Trying1234 hi, omg I'm terrified now as I'm just a few days behind you at 5+1. I really hope everything is ok for you, I've read on here that it happens alot - 25% of woman have a bleed of some sort during their pregnancy and everything is ok xxxx 🥰😘 Thinking of you xx

Oh no, please don’t worry. Fingers crossed this won’t happen to you, but I know what you mean I sometimes get terrified when I read stories on here.

Oh no... I've just had it today too - light brown colour (Just on one wipe, nothing since 6 hours ago now 🙏🏻). I'm 5+6.

I never had this in my first pregnancy 😔

The clinic told me not to worry too much. It was slimy, not too runny. Terrified but Diane explained the whole placenta thing on previous posts so hopefully it's just that for both of us 🙏🏻

It’s defo a good sign as it is brown blood which is old blood so it’s a sign that you are NOT currently bleeding. It could be from implantation or irritation from pessaries.

I’m getting that when I wipe at the moment if that offers you any reassurance at all. They might not have offered you a scan because it is early days and they don’t always see anything at this point. All the signs are in your favour. Like you said to me it happens a lot so let’s not forget that xxx when is you viability scan?

Thank you, I need to remember to listen to my own advice 🤣 My viability scan is not until 10th of November. I had a little bit more today at lunchtime on wiping (nothing in underwear) but much smaller amount and much lighter colour. Hey, you're almost 7 weeks now aren't you!! 💃💃 🎉🎉

Its easy to loose sense of fact when we are going through it ourself, isn’t it!! I had a scan yesterday for my viability scan so at 6 weeks 4 days and have been discharged 😲🥳. I’m 7 weeks on Sunday, sounds like I am only a couple of days ahead of you.

I’m looking forward to stopping the meds. We start weaning off at 10 weeks, my stomach is bruised from lubion injections and pessaries are no fun!

I'm 6+1 today so a week behind you :) I'm so glad your scan went well 😍 🥰

I know absolutely nothing right now which is the hardest part - I don't even know it's in the right spot, or if anything is even growing....? 🤷🏼‍♀️ this is worse than 2ww I reckon 🤣 I just need to be patient and trust the clinic when they recommend first scan at 8 weeks 🥴 what a great start to your weekend - knowing everything is progressing as it should 💃🎉 have a good one 🥰🥰🥰🥰 xxx

Hi lovely, I know that fear - I'm 17 weeks and been spotting from Wednesday. I had a scan yesterday and the baby is all fine but I do have a subchironic haematoma. Basically a collection of burst blood vessels that form a bruise like clot. They are really common and they don't know what causes them - but generally they will just be absorbed by the body and you expel some through your discharge. If you're having red bleeding and/or pain then you should go to A&E. But if its just light, brown spotting then there's not much they can do except check that baby is fine and let your body do its thing. I know it's hard but try not to worry too much.


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Trying1234 in reply to Millbanks

I am so glad that everything is progressing well with you. I hope that you are getting to enjoy your pregnancy too.

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Millbanks in reply to Trying1234

It's actually been really lovely up to this point! But even now I'm not too worried - just taking it easy. I hope you're bleeding has cleared up and you can relax a little xxx

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Trying1234 in reply to Millbanks

It’s up and down just need to be patient. It’s difficult as it’s out of our control.

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Millbanks in reply to Trying1234

I think the fact that it's up and down is a good sign. If it was continuous red blood then there would likely be a problem x

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Trying1234 in reply to Millbanks


Hi Trying. Oh dear not what you want to see. It depends on how much loss there is. Is it just spotting or red blood on a pad? Small amounts can just be an irritated cervix from pessary use, or signs of some infetion. I'm pleased you are having a scan tomorrow to hopefully put your mind at ease. It will be too early to see a heartbeat, but everything should be in place and measuring OK. Thinking of you. Diane

I saw the blood in the toilet. It started red and was red when I wiped. It’s become more like spotting. Just been toilet and it’s stopped for now. I have been in this position before with my last pregnancy, the bleeding was awful but it ended in a full term pregnancy. So I know it can work out but I know it might not too 😕

I’ll be 5 weeks 6 days pregnant tomorrow. Fingers crossed everything measures ok, they were understaffed so couldn’t see me today.

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to Trying1234

Hi Trying. Just got to hope it settles. Thinking of you, Diane

Hiya i had a frozen embryo transfer i bleed from around 6 weeks till over 12 weeks i bleed havey with clots and all im now 37 weeks pregnant fingers crossed for you 🙏 xx

Hi Chelsea I’m so glad that things have gone well for you even though you had these bleeds. Not long now, how exciting. Make sure that you get lots of rest in the run up!

My last successfully pregnancy was similar for me too! But then I have experience from other pregnancies where the bleeding just builds up and gets worse. The other weird one is that the bleeding looked exactly the same from the time I miscarried and the time I didn’t. My mind is: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Thank you. Aw im sure u are outa yoir mind its such a stressful time. In this pregnancy ive had so much panic attacks and my antiney is threw the roof. I really pray your little one is a little fighter big hugs ❤️

I bled sporadically my first trimester and part of my second trimester even. I’m holding my almost 3 month old daughter as I type! I had no explanation for the bleeding. Sometimes it just happens.

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Trying1234 in reply to Msze

Awww what a cutie. Please give her a cuddle from me. How did you manage the worrying? Reassure yourself? I really just want to enjoy the pregnancy and not be a ball of anxiety.

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Msze in reply to Trying1234

Unfortunately because of the long road of fertility I was on, I worried my entire pregnancy up until the day she was delivered. My only reassurance was ultrasounds and home Doppler which I purchased. ♥️

Had my scan this morning and it was good news. They couldn’t see where the bleeding came from but could see that there was blood in my cervix so I am likely to have more bleeding. At the moment the bleeding is brown, fingers crossed. They did see a heartbeat which the sonographer was really positive about seeing it at this stage. Next scan is on Thursday so fingers crossed all continues to progress. A big thank you for all of the support and for sharing your story. Xx

Trying1234 omg I am so glad, huge relief for you 😍 xxx

Thanks Icsi. You try to make sure that you don’t feel worried too. Let’s try and enjoy our pregnancies xxx

Good plan lovely xxxxx

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Millbanks in reply to Trying1234

That’s brilliant!! Xx

Amazing news ❤️

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