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Joining the dreaded TWW!

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Had my embryo transfer today and everything went very smoothly and I have a good quality blastocyst on board. I feel absolutely elated and have a warm fuzzy feeling inside - not sure I’ll still be feeling this way next week though 😂 any tips from anyone? What to eat and what not to? I had some McDonalds chips after transfer cos I thought why not jump on the trend 🍟 xx

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I would just suggest to eat well balanced meals, and drink lots of water especially if you are on pessaries. But more so keep yourself busy with activities planned and don’t stop living your life during these two weeks. Best of luck in your 2ww xx

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Thanks for the advice and luck ☺️ xx

I had my transfer on Saturday 7th!

Clinic told me to eat as if you are pregnant already!

I’m avoiding spicy foods.

The TWW is so horrid, lol. I agree with Smang - plan some activities, take up a new hobby, try to meet up with friends. I know it’s a lot easier said than done and I am sure thoughts creep back into the mind! Good luck! x

Only 13 days to go now!! Congratulations on the successful transfer. Hopefully your OTD is sooner than mine, Mine is literally 14 days so not until the 23rd. I’ve never held out that long but maybe this time... 😂 xxx

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Unfortunately mine is even longer! My test say is 16 days from transfer ahhhhhhhhh! Sending you lots of baby dust and hope it goes quickly for you xx

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16 days??? Jees! 😳 Why so long?! That’s so unfair! I will probably only make it to 13 days as that’s a Sunday & I am working on the Monday! Xxx

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I know! I have no idea I didn’t ask I was just happy after the transfer went well I didn’t care! But now 16 days feels like such a long way to go. Best keep myself busy lol xxx

Best of luck!xx

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Thank you ☺️ xx

Good luck. Hope all goes well xx

Best of luck!

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