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How many donor egg cycles before your BFP?

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My 4th DE cycle just failed,I’m devastated,heartbroken & just don’t know what to do anymore.

Will this ever work or is there something wrong with me 😢

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Really sorry to hear this. We did two cycles of our own with no success then did a DE cycle where my 30 yr old sister donated to us

We were incredibly lucky and got a BFP from our first transfer, we are now nearly 23 weeks.

Are you using the same donor or different ones?

Has the consultant suggested why the embryos have failed?!

Are the embryos getting to day 3 or day 5? Reason I ask is I’ve learnt from this forum if they are not getting past day 3 it could be sperm issues, if not progressing after day 5 it’s egg issues

Hi,thank you for the reply.Yes they are all good 5 day embryos.

They are from the same donor,the 1st cycle we had a BFP but had miscarriage at 6weeks.

The other 3 have all been BFN.

My protocol has been changed slightly everytime.

I’m now taking,utrogestan,progynova,prednisone,aspirin & clexane.

I’m just so confused why this happening when all I see is everyone else getting there BFP after 1,2 or 3rd time.

I’m just heartbroken,numb and don’t know what to do Anymore,will this ever work 😢

My sister was on a short protocol.

For me I took syranel nasal spray, progynova, cyclogest 400mg twice a day and prontogest injections every other day.

Our consultant recommended that instead of doing an ERA test in my womb lining to use a course of Canesflor pessaries which you can buy over the counter first, if that didn’t work then have an ERA test done which would ensure that your getting your progesterone at the right time and that the embryos are put back at the optimum time of receptivity.

If you’ve done or looked at all of that it might be time to find another donor

I’m waiting to hear back from the clinic to see what our next steps are.I think I need to try with our last embryo just to know then obviously we will be moving forward with a new donor.

I’m 37 now I just feel like times passing & I’ll soon be to old 😢

There is that!

I was 38 when I started the journey and 41 when I finished the second cycle and started the donor egg round, my husbands now 59.

I’ve just turned 42 and all being well with this one, the other two embryos we have will be destroyed

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Kmcdon in reply to Running79

Could I ask what an ERA test is? Just had a miscarriage confirmed with first DE cycle and wondering where next.

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Running79 in reply to Kmcdon

There are several tests - ERA, Emma and Alice.

ERA is where they take a biopsy of your womb lining and test it.

The test could determine your optimum window of receptivity, so that’s the best time for your embryo to be put back, it can also suggest if you need more or less progesterone. The test is about £2000 but it has assisted some ladies to have a pregnancy.

I don’t know what Emma and Alice entails

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Kmcdon in reply to Running79

Thank you. That's really useful I really appreciate your response. I will look into it.

Hey Stacey, sorry to hear about your BFN. I would second trying an ERA. It's not cheap but I'm convinced this is what gave us our twin boys!! We had many negatives, a loss and a chemical. Big hugs.xx

Hi,would it still be worthwhile with the first one implanting? Would that not mean my transfer window is correct? I just really can’t afford the ERA test at the moment if it’s not going to be worthwhile.

I’m not holding out hope of our last embryo taking as this was the least graded one so we need to save the money for a full new donor cycle.

We had implantation when our window was slightly out however that was only after we started messing around with how long I was on progesterone without any science so it may well be you dont need it, its difficult when you know you have so much money still to put out.xx

I have a niggling feeling it could be the progesterone levels.I don’t have any “progesterone symptoms”

Either,sore boobs etc

So maybe that’s a red flag of not enough in my system!

It could be although I was one shed load of progesterone for my successful cycle and didnt hav meant symptoms either. Definitely pursue this though, I genuinely believe it can make all the difference.xx

There is nothing wrong with you! Every woman is different. If your clinic has you on a cookie-cutter, one size fits all protocol, I would demand tests before your next transfer, and if they refuse, change clinics.

I have had two failed DE transfers. One fresh and one frozen. I was devastated. My donor was 23 and the embryos were PGS normal. The clinic I was with refused to test progesterone levels.

I changed clinic and did a mock cycle for an ERA and had my progesterone tested on the ‘would be transfer day’. I was using the same amount of Utrogestan as I was with the two failed transfers. Turned out my progesterone level was far too low. What my new doctor considered as too low to sustain a pregnancy. I was beyond angry at the first clinic when I heard this, but I had to focus on the positive, which is now I know. I was using 800mg of Utrogestan a day, and it was still far from enough. My body simply didn’t absorb it well. I will be more than doubling the amount of progesterone replacement for my next transfer.

I am still waiting for my ERA test results, which will hopefully be back this week. I am feeling much more hopeful for this round, knowing my progesterone needs increasing and the best time to transfer.

I totally understand the heartbreak of using donor eggs and it still failing. I need to use donor eggs due to a genetic disorder. It has nothing to do with age. It’s just so unfair, sometimes I feel like screaming!! Donor eggs are so expensive where I am, too. It’s much more expensive to have a donor cycle here because there are additional ‘management fees’. Plus the long wait times. I’ve been on waiting lists for years! Due to Covid, there is no longer an option for me to go overseas from Australia, either.

You should definitely ask to get the tests done if you haven’t already. Sending you good vibes and lots of luck!

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Staceywacey in reply to Lancal

Thank you so much for the reply!I did ask for a progesterone test but they said they don’t do them on weekends & that’s when my transfer was as I can only make weekends due to travelling abroad.

I don’t have any symptoms from the progesterone either what everyone talks about,sore boobs etc so I have a feeling it could be that!

I’m also on 800g utrogestan daily.

I just really thought ok if this is a numbers game then the 4th transfer is defo my time 😢

I just get scared there’s something terrible wrong & this is never going to happen for me.

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Lancal in reply to Staceywacey

There really is nothing wrong with you!! I totally understand that feeling, though. When my transfers failed with a seemingly perfect donor, I was so upset and sure there was something wrong with my uterus. That it was inhospitable or something. That IS NOT true at all. It's just this horrible process making you go crazy and blame yourself.

Like you, I never considered failure using a donor. I just assumed it would work. It was a big blow when it didn't. I read your response below and a good sign is that you have had an embryo implant before, it's just that it didn't stick. That usually means your transfer timing was right, which means you probably don't need an ERA test (but check this with your clinic). I never had implantation with my first donor.

If you can't have your progesterone tested by the clinic, are you able to have it tested privately when you are back home? I have read that other women have had it tested and the dose increased a day or two after the transfer, and it wasn't too late.

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Lancal in reply to Staceywacey

Also - have you had immunology and blood clotting factor tests done? You can ask to have these things tested before your next transfer. In addition to these tests, I also had a saline sonogram done, to check the surface of my uterus.

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Staceywacey in reply to Lancal

So do you think the ERA test would not be the best? I’ve had no test done at all as the clinic as not advised me,my protocol as changed slightly each cycle.

I’m not taking progynova,utrogestan,prednisone,aspirin & clexane.

So would it be ok to have the progesterone tested after the transfer?

I could defo do that yes just thought it needed to be done on transfer day?

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Lancal in reply to Staceywacey

You need to ask your doctor because I might be wrong, but my understanding was that if you had implantation, then the timing for transfer was correct. The ERA tests the best time to transfer, so it may not be necessary in your case.

Regarding the progesterone level, I do think it may be okay if you do it the day after the transfer. I am pretty sure I read this the other day in a post. I will check.

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Staceywacey in reply to Lancal

Thank you so much all this info as been great,I feel like I defo have more to put forward to the clinic now ☺️

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Lancal in reply to Staceywacey

I can't remember the post it was in, now. Someone definitely wrote about their progesterone levels on the day of transfer, and a number of women responded and said that they increased their progesterone after the transfer and it still worked. I'm sorry I can't find the post. I think it was rather recent.

I would second having your levels tested!xxx

Our first donor cycle, we got 2x blastocysts. We transferred both and one stuck but miscarried. Our second cycle, we got 3x blastocysts. We have twins and one frozen.

Our clinic guarantees 2x good quality blastocysts (part refund for one and new cycle if none). My partner also has poor sperm quality so we used MACS.

It's such a tough journey. When we did our first donor round, I thought we would pretty much be guaranteed success - if not from first transfer then from frosties. Unfortunately, we didn't have any.

What has your clinic suggested?

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Staceywacey in reply to ChloeDE

Hi Chloe I’m still waiting on our next steps after this last cycle.

I also thought this was a guarantee too especially after 4 rounds 😢

I’m guessing there going to want to do further testing now.

I think the ERA probably sounds the best but funds arnt great at the moment!

My partners sperm is all great quality so that’s not the issue.

I did get pregnant on the 1st round but early miscarriage at 6 weeks.

So it did at least implant?

Thank you for the reply and so happy you got your twins 🥰

If you have had implantation, then that should signal that you are having the correct length of progesterone before transfer (I think) so shouldn't need an era. I hope it all works out for you. We went overseas for our treatment because it's a lot faster and cheaper.

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Staceywacey in reply to ChloeDE

Ah ok,so the ERA would be pointless do you think? We are at reprofit where did you go?

I think so but it's worth finding out more. We are at the same clinic. There's a Facebook group for the clinic. Have you joined? There's lots of support on there.

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Staceywacey in reply to ChloeDE

I’m not no,as I’m really private so don’t want any to see I’m on there.How do you find reprofit?

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ChloeDE in reply to Staceywacey

I have sent you a private message.

It worked 1st time for me..I did have it done abroad. I was on progestone pesseries and injections. Also blood thinners aspirin. Steroids. Think all of this helped..I have now twins boy and girls. My clinic was 80% succes rate. Xxx

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Staceywacey in reply to Mazzath1

Hi,I seem to be on all the same meds just not the progesterone injections? What is it you take?

I take 800g daily utrogestan pesseries.

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Staceywacey in reply to Mazzath1

What clinic are you with?

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