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Time off for frozen embryo transfer?

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Hello I am due to start my injections in a couple of weeks for my second go at ivf I was off work the first time so it didn't matter but this time I'll be working fully time as a hairdresser and wondered if I should book time off?

Unfortunately my first attempt at ivf ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks but the doc has reassured me that was just one of them things and there's nothing to say that this time that will happen again

Also can anyone give me a timeline of when I might have the embryo transfer week please my first day of period was Friday (25th)

This is a frozen cycle 5 day grade a blastocyst

Thank you x

10 Replies
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Hi there

I also have a FET this month, I have a scan tomorrow (12th cycle day), I think that if everything is looking good I will scheduled for transfer 6 days after. So given this timescale I would say around 18days from the start of your period. Of course things can change so you can never be exact. I am not downreggin or anything just been on estrogen and then will start on progesterone tomorrow if all is well.

Best of luck x

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Flo1990 in reply to KLADY123

I have to do the down reg so I have been told its pretty much the same amount of time as the fresh transfer which is a bit annoying but hey starting my injections on 15th July so fingers crossed that goes fast ... I am just a bit impatient lol thanks for replying xxx

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Hi Flo. Have a look at this, it might help. Diane fertilitynetworkuk.org/talk...

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Flo1990 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks im self employed so it's my choice how long I have off but just didn't know if it's advised to be off straight away transfer to rest I will speak to a nurse tomorrow about that xxx

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I think it might be nice to have a day or two off around the transfer, just so you can relax - but I don’t think more than that is needed as long as you don’t do anything silly. Bed rest is not recommended at all xx

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Ok that makes me feel better thank you xxx

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McQueeny in reply to Flo1990

How did you get on? :) xx

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Flo1990 in reply to McQueeny

I havnt done it yet my transfer is due around the 16th 17th of Aug 👍🏼 just wanted to get sorted for booking the time off in advance with me being a hairdresser! I'll just take it easy when I get back and keep having little breaks 🤞🏼 xx

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McQueeny in reply to Flo1990

Ah right. That sounds good - hope it all goes well 🤞 xx

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I like to keep myself busy and distracted so always at work 😁

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