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Quick update on frozen embryo transfer...

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Hi all

Hope you're doing well. Seen some lovely posts lately of positive results, which is lovely and really keeps you hopeful.

I've just recently had a natural frozen embryo transfer - we had 4 snow babies and 1 successfully popped back in.

My official test date is Wednesday, but sadly I came on my period today. It's such a hard process, and something that is so so close and yet so far if that makes sense?

The good thing is we still have 3 snow babies left so hopeful for next time. We are planning to jump back on the horse this month and have a break if it doesn't work next time.

Maybe it will be third time lucky 🍀 👶🏻

Lots of love and luck to you all xxxxxxxx

11 Replies

So sorry to hear your news Crocodile but so amazing that you're able to focus on your other snow babies already. Take time to look after yourself and all the very best of luck that your next FET will be your time. X

Sorry to hear that and glad you have snow babies still. How long do you have to wait or can you start on this period? X

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Crocodile80 in reply to

Thanks. We can go again during this period/cycle - because it's natural I have to just wait for the LH Surge and then get booked in again. Fingers crossed.

How are you feeling after your transfer - best of luck x

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That's great news. I feel like I am going insane, test date can't come soon enough xx

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hi, sorry to hear that. But you are strong woman and can concentrate on other things. it is grate that you still have 3 snow babies. You have to be happy with it.

sorry for asking but when will you start your next cycle?

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Oh Hun sorry it's not worked this time but loving how positive u r being-that's half the battle! Big hugs x

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I really hope it is third time lucky for you next time 🍀🍀🍀

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Oh crocodile I'm so sorry to read this. It's great that you're staying positive but be sure to take good care of yourself right now. Sending love x x x

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Anyone who is 48 and above has ever got pregnant? Well I'm finding it hard to get pregnant and I feel doctors should do more if it's your first time no kids. I found my partner at later time and now I'm left with this dilemma of not getting anywhere. Its not easy but if anyone have an advise to offer would be great. I feel the world has torn away from me, stolen. Its had no one to turn to even doctors dont help.

I would go to a good ivf clinic!

Please don’t despair. There shouldn’t be any judgement on what age you want to get pregnant. Also a good clinic would do the best with what you got!

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