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Earliest BFP after transfer?

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Hi ladies,

What day was the earliest you got a BFP after transfer? I’m 6dp5dt and dying to test but scared to test too soon and be gutted with a negative and get obsessed testing everyday.


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My first I got a strong positive at 7dp5dt, this pregnancy I got a very very faint line at day 5 and it got stronger from then xx

I got a faint line at 6DP then it got stronger. Tested every 48 hrs from 6DP. But normally that’s too early tbh. I only caved in because of my cramps. Otherwise would have held out until 9dp.

Wait until your OTD. It's never worth it to test early, you'll just drive yourself crazy no matter the result Xx

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bearblue in reply to LuxFleur

I agree. Positive or negative it never is reassuring. It’ll have you testing all the time anyway.

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LuxFleur in reply to bearblue

Yes, once you start testing it's just nonstop stress until you can get an HCG test, and then you're stressing again until you can get a viability scan. If the test is negative, you despair and then keep testing every day. And if it's positive, you still stress out and test every day, scared it's a false positive, or you're having a chemical, or whatever. Is the line more faint? Etc etc.

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JoyfulStar in reply to LuxFleur

These are wise words LuxFleur 😊

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AVL1987 in reply to LuxFleur

100% agree. I tested at 7dpt and got a very faint positive and then the next day, because the line wasn’t darker I just broke down thinking I was having a chemical. My OH convinced me to wait to test again until OTD where we got a clear and strong positive but for those couple of days where I tested early, I was in despair even though it was a positive!! Hold out if you can is my real advice!!!

Im also 6dp5dt and almost caving! Its so hard isnt it. Im going to hold out until tuesday and test at 8dp5dt so im prepared for offical test day what ever the result lol x

The earliest I've tested and gotten a positive is 12 DPO ( which I think is the equivalent to 7 days past 5 day transfer. I used clearblue and got 1-2 weeks. Saying that not every pregnancy will be detected at that earlier point you might have later implantation. No one can advise you what to do it is your choice, but wishing you the best with this cycle hope it's BFP Xx

Thanks for ur wise words ladies ❤️ It’s so hard not to test early isn’t it! My blood test isn’t until 12 days after transfer so feels like so far away! When I’ve searched the web I’ve seen loads of people getting positives at 5/6 days so I think if I got a negative i would think it’s over. But then u see so many people saying they didn’t until day 8/9. I think I’ll try and hold off until then xxx

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Purple276 in reply to ICSI2021

It's so tough but I've seen people get negatives that turn positive and positive that fade to a negative and both is a whole heap of upset and heartache. If you can try to hold out I think genuinely it's better to know for certain when you see those lines we so badly want. I'm on 5dp and OTD not until Tues 29th. Feels like a lifetime away so booked a couple of nice things this week so just focusing on making it to the first one of those at the mo. Really hope we both get the results were dreaming off. Good luck xx

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ICSI2021 in reply to Purple276

It’s soo long isn’t it! Mines Saturday but still feels like forever away! Awww lovely enjoy ur week. We’ve done the same and booked date nights for every other night for things to look forward to. Thank you 🙏🏻 you too ❤️ Keep me updated xxx

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Mai94 in reply to ICSI2021

I did exactly this and tested on day 5, got a BFN. I didn’t completely convince me it’s failed as I knows it so early but it’s made me not want to test again now! My OTD is also Saturday but we are going away with in-laws Saturday morning so we are going to test Friday! Good luck 🤞🏽 x

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ICSI2021 in reply to Mai94

Awww bless u! It’s so hard this journey! Good luck for Friday 🙏🏻❤️ Hope we both get the news we want this weekend 🤞🏻 xx

I got mine at 5dp5dt - good luck ✨ xxx

I’ve read the earliest the hcg can be detected on a home pregnancy test is 9 days. I tested from 5dpt and I think it was 7dpt I saw a very faint line that looked like a shadow so I didn’t believe it. Even today - my OTD - I don’t quite believe I have a positive 😬

Do whatever you feel is right for you.

Good luck 🤞 x

It's crazy but I got a vvvfl at 3dp5dt..

Earliest I tested was 7dp5dt with a FRER. It was still pretty faint at that point then progressively got darker. Wishing you the best of luck x

Mine was 5days post transfer. Got darker as the days went on. Everyone is different though hun. Lots of luck xxx

It’s tormenting isn’t it!

I got a faint positive on a first response for 2 of my pregnancies on 5dp5dt. On the first one (my now 3yo) I tested the next dat and freaked out the line was lighter and then on day 7 it was hard to tell if it was getting darker so I was freaking out, it caused a lot of anxiety because I had had a chemical before.

This time when I got a faint positive on day 5 I made myself wait 2 days before testing again so I could see the line was definitely darker. I think a lot of the anxiety comes from testing every day.

Wishing you so much luck and happiness x x x x

4 days but I’m pregnant with twins

I got a very faint positive at 4dp5dt but I was pregnant with twins. 💛💛xx

Thanks ladies! Wish I’d listened to ur advice ❤️ I caved in and tested this morning 7dp5dt and BFN had a cry and feel like it’s over now xx

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Purpledoggy in reply to ICSI2021

Don’t beat yourself up-we’ve all done it. I tested early on my first round 7dp5dt and on my second one I was dreading testing such that I did it the day after OTD so it fell on a weekend. There is absolutely still hope although I knew on my first round I was out for various physical reasons. Look after yourself over the next week and be kind to yourself xx

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ICSI2021 in reply to Purpledoggy

Thank you ❤️ Hope ur next round is the one for u 🙏🏻 It’s hard isn’t it not to test when u see lots of people getting BFP on day 5/6 and hope that ur that lucky! Blood test isn’t until Saturday so just going to try and have a nice week and worry again then xx

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Purpledoggy in reply to ICSI2021

I got my bfp on round 2 and honestly so glad I waited until at least otd. It probably would have been positive earlier but I found the bubble of not actually knowing easier to deal with and it meant I wasn’t squinting for a line. Hope the next one is for you xx

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ICSI2021 in reply to Purpledoggy

Awww congratulations ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you! X

Don’t do it! Try and wait til test day .. for your own sanity :) Good luck x

7dp5dt but mine was a blood test

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