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*Sensitive post* BFP after 5 transfers, not many symptoms and just worrying constantly

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Morning all,

So I had my test day test day and was absolutely shocked beyond belief when I saw the two lines.

This was our 5th transfer (1st ended in a MMC at 7 week scan) and I’m just scared to death that I can’t feel anything. I’ve had a few cramps on and off, very tired. But each morning I wake up and feel absolutely normal… like not pregnant at all.

How do you stop worrying after a 2nd BFP, and did anyone else not have any symptoms and not feel pregnant? I feel like I’m going to be anxious until the 7 week scan which feels like a lifetime away.

I know I should be grateful, and I absolutely am, but the fear is consuming after it all went wrong last time 🥺 xx

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Just wanted to say congratulations on your BFP this is wonderful news ! I hope everything goes well . I can’t give any good advice how to not be anxious because pregnancy after loss must be full of worry & very difficult

All I can say is when I got my BFP I had no symptoms what so ever until around 8 weeks or so I just didn’t feel pregnant.

I have this worry about how I would be if I was to become pregnant again .

I’m sure there are some ladies on here who will have some good advice xx

Thank you for sharing ❤️ I’m just trying to reassure myself that each pregnancy is different. I just hate it when I have symptoms, then they stop!! It’s so hard xx

Congratulations!!! I’m so pleased for you and I hope everything goes smoothly after all you’ve been through. It’s totally normal to be anxious. It’s one of the cruellest parts of IVF, the inability to actually relax and enjoy being pregnant. Just remember there’s no reason things shouldn’t go just fine. I hope the time until your scan goes quickly and that just give you some reassurance. Congrats again!!xxx

Congrats on the BFP. 🌈❤️🤞

You do worry when you have had an early miscarriage. But there is nothing more we can do but wait till the scans. So I wish for this wait time to fly and a healthy pregnancy. 🍀✨🤗❤️🌈🤞

Thank you ❤️ Xx

Congratulations ❤️ It’s a tough place to be in I had two miscarriages last year at 6 weeks! But now I’m 6 months pregnant and I still worry at every little thing.. I had a private scan before the ivf to reassure me when I was around 6 weeks I think 🤔 just be kind to yourself and keep ur mind busy xxx

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Catlady12345 in reply to Hells18

I think I might get some bloods done for piece of mind. It’s so horrible isn’t it that such a special time is tainted. Would you say you had symptoms on and off? All mine have gone today and I just feel empty 😢 x

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Hells18 in reply to Catlady12345

Yes I freaked out because my boobs wasn’t hurting or nothing but more further on I had some symptoms.. if it’s going to put ur mind at ease I would get them done definitely I know the feeling of not know what’s happening constant worry so getThem done xxx

Congratulations!! I had no symptoms during the first week, but they may come later so just enjoy while you can before the nausea hits! Having said that, I was more anxious AFTER the BFP than during the 2WW as it becomes difficult to balance the excitement and fears. Just take it one day at a time and look after yourself 🙃

Thank you, I’ve never had anxiety like it! I’m just so scared as I feel like the symptoms have stopped entirely today 😣 xx

Congratulations! I've had four miscarriages (one of them a MMC) and now I'm pregnant with twins (week 14). Even though it is twins and everyone says you should have stronger symptoms, I have barely had any symptoms so far other than fatigue. It is very stressful, especially after having had a MMC to not have symptoms. I just had to remind myself that every pregnancy is different and trust and hope everything is going well. I'm still anxious before every scan, but it does get a little easier.

Ah thank you, congratulations!! I’m just worried as I’ve had a few cramps and sore boobs throughout but today absolutely nothing 🥺 I just wish I could fast forward the next few weeks.

The only thing that scares me is that my boobs stopped hurting before my miscarriage last time.

So do you think you’ve had fluctuating symptoms throughout? Xx

Yes, the little symptoms I did have definitely did fluctuate :) it is stressful, but everyone tells you to be happy to not feel absolutely horrible all the time (I'm not sure if I agree though, wouldn't mind having some symptoms to know that I'm pregnant and babies are okay). Fingers crossed everything will be okay at your scan!

Congratulations ❤️ 🥰💫 amazing. I've defo had fluctuating hormones throughout!! Most days I have 0 symptoms and feel completely normal. You're still so early so give it time for symptoms to kick in. If they don't, that doesn't mean anything bad. Xxx

Thank you 🙏🏼 I’m a nervous wreck!! X

Just wanted to say congratulations but also I know exactly how you feel. The wait until the viability scan is excruciating! Utterly agonising and you’ll worry every day. There’s nothing you can do to change the outcome. Don’t worry about stressing but it’s about learning to manage it and get through each day. I’m now 12+2 and feel very pregnant but still worry ALL the time 🙄🤦‍♀️.

My first IVF pregnancy, I had no symptoms at all!


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Catlady12345 in reply to JenRoy

Thank you for the reassurance. I’m just sad I’m a nervous wreck and can’t stop worrying. I’m comparing everything to the one that went wrong 😞 xx

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JenRoy in reply to Catlady12345

I’ve been a wreck with my current pregnancy. We had an MMC in Oct last year, discovered at the 7 week scan. It was heartbreaking. So I’ve been so anxious with this one. I’ve no advice, it’s so hard. All you can do is keep busy. I was anxious through my whole pregnancy with my daughter. I felt sad I didn’t ever truly relax but there’s no way I could have 🤷‍♀️x

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Catlady12345 in reply to JenRoy

Congratulations though, and thank you for sharing. I know it’s going to be a tough wait, when the symptoms stop it just sends alarm bells ringing for me! Urgh, what a nightmare xx

Absolutley delighted for you!!I 🥰🥳 wishing you all the best.🤞xxx

Awww congratulations!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

I had absolutely zero symptoms during my 2ww and up to about 17 weeks of pregnancy. And even then they were very random.

I would have given anything to feel sick 🤢 just so I knew it was progressing…

Try not to worry. Are you taking prednisolone? As I think that can also make the symptoms less xx

Thanks ☺️ I just think this feels exactly like my missed miscarriage 💔 had strong painful cramps on one side on Saturday.. then nothing since and boobs have shrunk and not sore. Calling clinic today to request bloods as I’d just rather know xx

If it helps, my boobs were a bit bigger during the 2ww (I didn’t count that as a symptom as I just assumed it was the progesterone) then they also felt completely normal after my BFP.It’s so frustrating isn’t it.

Really hoping it’s good news xx

I’ve just done a clearblue and it only says 1-2 weeks and I’m sure it should be more - really not hopeful x

Congratulations 🥳 don’t have any advice as I was also anxious except for take it day by day 🤗 and private scans in between clinic/ nhs ones really help xx

Congrats! I know it’s easier said than done but try to find things that help you. Ie meditation accunpture maybe? Etc etc. but focus on you. No one can tell you not to worry etc especially not me but maybe just maybe there is some hope here and this is an start to your journey to be a mama :)

I know friends who have fallen pregnant after loss- they have continued to their birth/ third trimester even feeling worried and anxious all because of our ivf or loss trauma. It’s natural. Maybe see if your clinic or you could pay for or do a 6 week scan or earlier? Or a hcg blood test to put you at ease? Xxx

First of all congratulations!!!I know exactly how you feel with my first bfp I had zero symptoms through out my whole pregnancy, didn't feel pregnant until 20 weeks when I felt her kicking so stressing!

Second ivf pregnancy also zero symptoms but I was more relaxed knowing this is how my body reacts.

I remember wishing for nausea for cramping for anything to feel pregnant, thinking I miscarried driving myself crazy.

Congratulations on your BFP!! Amazing! I was the same I remember saying to my friend in work I know it hasn’t worked again I just feel completely normal but to my surprise I had a BFP! Forgetting my pregnancy 12 years previous where I had no symptoms then apart from the odd sore boobs and had a healthy pregnancy and here I am 30 weeks pregnant and had no symptoms all the way through so far, it does happen and I still have days of worrying over everything I think it’s natural to worry with ivf pregnancies xxx

Try to stay calm. No symptoms mean nothing at all. Remember you have to build a high amount of HSG in order to feel symptoms. You are in the very beginning. HSG doubles every 2-3 days, sometimes that's when you get some slight symptoms - every few days- but not always.

I worried so much about not having symptoms, sometimes I had none for 7-10 days and then they would come back, and then they would go away again. Everything will be fine. Enjoy your BFP and every moment of your pregnancy because it's a wonderful time and it goes fast. Next thing you know you'll have a little baby in your arms and your life will change that very moment, forever.

All the best to you. Stay strong and don't worry.


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