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Any advice for constipation

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I’ve had my egg retrieval this morning and was constipated before with the OHSS.

Now the pain is unbearable. I’ve been taking fybogel twice a day as advised but nothing. I’m drinking loads of water but just getting more bloated.

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Hi Gemgem84. I hope your egg collection went well. I would recommend getting a large carton of prune juice. A small glass for a day or two (or longer) should help relieve the constipation. All the best x x

They advised me to eat bran flakes, at first I thought they were like eating cardboard but if you chop a banana into it, it's not too bad, a coffee in the morning tends to help me, it's the only caffeine I have and personally I find it helps with movement and try to go for walks as this also keeps things moving, good luck X

Prune juice really works! I was really constipated throughout my stims and prune juice really worked.

Loads and loads of vitamin C does the trick for me x x x

Flaxseed(milled) really works for me.

Dried prunes, loads of water and over the counter laxatives should work for constipation. Keep an eye on stomach swelling and pain. If you wee less too, this could be a sign of the OHSS getting worse and needs to be checked at the hospital/clinic. Better to give them a call and let them know, just in case.

Sounds too simple but the thing that worked for me was all bran and banana! Hope you feel better soon xxx

Thankyou all for your advice - I sent hubby out for some glycerin suppositories last night which seem to have done the trick 😊

Unfortunately fybogel starts working after a couple of weeks 😱and not even at 100% xxx

Like the others have said! Prune juice. Although drink small glasses. I drank a pint and .... let’s just say it definitely worked but oh boy.... more like a tap which was a whole other kind of scary 😂🙈

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