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Fertilisation update

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Waiting for the call this morning was sheer torture. Time felt like it was standing still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my husband so nervous!

The results are in.... We have 2 embryos ! So out of the 3 eggs, 2 have fertilised normally. It’s a good result given we only retrieved 3, the embryologist seemed happy and booked us in for a day three transfer on Monday 😬 we have never got this far in all of our 3 cycles, have only ever had 1 egg fertilise.

We still have a very long way to go, and anything can happen between now and Monday, but I’m choosing positivity and hope today 🙏 x

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Fab, keeping everything crossed for you! 😘 Xx

Thank you ! x

Aw, that is good news!! Hope they will keep growing strong over the weekend for you! 🤞 for your transfer Monday! It never gets easier, there are milestones and waiting times all along this journey I have realised! But positive thoughts and hoping is all we can do now 🥰 Hope you are not too sore from EC!

Thank you 😊 you’re right it doesn’t get easier, it’s just about reaching and ticking off the milestones! x

Awe congratulations! Here’s to hoping this is the one 🤞🏻🌈❤️🎉

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ttcjourney in reply to Khess124

Thank you! I really really hope so x

Yay - that's fantastic news!! I was thinking about how you got on. How are you feeling today?

It's good news this end too - I had 3 eggs fertilise and I'm also booked in for a Monday transfer!! Im sure our embryos will continue to go from strength to strength ✨✨✨✨ xx

Yay! That’s fantastic news 😊 and great to hear your transfer has also been booked for Monday. Is there anything we can do to prepare?! I hear pomegranate juice is good, but also thinking this might be another IVF myth!

Let’s hope our embryos hang in there and keep doing what they need to do 🙌🏻 xx

They will hang in there 💪

Ooh I might get some of that... I'm currently drinking coconut water as I heard that was good after EC.

I'm going to listen to some transfer meditations to try and make me relaxed! And some gentle yoga to help blood flow.... Apart from that no idea!! Although my husband is looking forward to Mcdonald chips after transfer as that's an IVF thing apparentally!! Xxx

Yeh I think listening to some meditations is a great idea.. I was also thinking that earlier. Not much else we can do but just keep thinking positive thoughts and sending lots of good vibes to our little embryos 💫

Oh and yes to the McDonalds chips after transfer!! xx

And not feeling bad at all today, just a bit tender but nothing major. Have been out and about. How about you?

Yep same here! Tender tummy that I'm using a heat pad on and tired... but I think that's just my nerves! Been out for a walk in the freezing cold! Xx

Sending you lots of baby dust 🍍💗

Aww thank you.. it’s definitely needed! x

Great news and I agree - positive vibes 🙏🏻✨🙏🏻

Good luck XX

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