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22 weeks pregnant spotting


Hello guys I am currently 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I just came back from the toilet and noticed a tiny tiny little dot of red blood, and when i checked again and it was again a small tiny tiny little dot! It freaked me out guys!! Is this normal during trimester 2? Ive had no pain or period cramps!

I hope everything is okay just abit worried now, ive rang my midwife and her phone is off so hubby has text her and no reply yet!

Any advice would be helpful guys 😔

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I’d ring the EPU just to get checked out make sure probably nothing to worry about.

Yes definitely get it checked out ASAP, as I’m sure everything is fine but you will worry until you know everything is ok. You can also ring the hospital and they will check you over if your midwife is still not picking up.


Get in touch with your maternity unit. The number will be on the book with your notes. The one for reduced movements etc.

Please just go to the hospital to get checked out. Do not wait please.

There should be a number to call for your maternity triage on your yellow maternity notes file. We were told ours is a 24hr number. If you haven’t already done so then speak to someone who can give you some reassurance. More often than not, spotting is nothing serious xx

Can you ring the maternity unit rather than your midwife? As others have said there should be a 24 hour number you can ring. Good luck and i hope everything is ok.

It is always worth getting checked trust your gut instinct spotting can happen but its best for a doctor to determine why its happened xx

Heeey guys so sorry for not posting a reply back , everything is all good. I realised it was not from my vagina but from near the sides of my private bits. I think it was a small pimple! But everything is fine. Baby is active now and i can feel her little punches on my belly it so cute! Some days she very active and somedays shes just a sleepy head! She always seems to respond when ever hubby talks to her! Is it normal to feel lots of baby movement 23weks pregnant?

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