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Polycystic ovaries? Information please!


I have got Polycystic ovaries not the syndrome but don’t know a lot about it every time I search I just find information about pcos! Can anyone give me some more understanding and information please?

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Hey! I am EXACTLY the same. I have PCO’s but not PCOS. All my blood hormone levels are normal, i ovulated every month and have regular periods. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

I like you couldn’t find any research as to what that meant for me, and why I couldn’t conceive. There was nothing. Clearly is was an issue though because we werent conceiving.

We got pregnant on our second attempt at IVF. I got late onset ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome which was awful but ultimately worth it if i get a health baby at the end.

If you come across any information can you please share? I feel like PCO’s but not PCOS is so misunderstood xx


Is that when you have cysts in the ovary ? Because I have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility too and I've had a few internal scan and they show cysts . The doctor has suggested Ivf but was telling me I could get ovarian hyper stimulation

Yes, I have poly cyctic ovaries. But my periods were regular every 30 days, i’d ovulate every month, all of my blood hormone levels were normal (apart from AMH which was high and to be expected for PCO) i’m 5ft 3, was just over 8 stone .. struggled to put weight on if anything! Didnt have excessively spotty skin, no excess hair. All of the classic symptoms associated with PCOS i didnt have, so i was told i just had PCO. Although, depending on what professional i spoke to they would sometime just say ‘PCOS’ when describing my medical history. I always used to correct them and say i dont have PCOS.

I did Letrozole for 6months (supposed to boost ovulation like clomid) and never got pregnant xx

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply I have regular periods too and ovulated each month don't have excess hair and my weight is normal I'm beginning to think I have it too I might ask the doctor about it .

I’m in the same boat I find it so frustrating because there seems to be very little information about it

I have been told that my ovaries look polycystic but because I ovulate every month that I don’t have the syndrome

I have asked over and over about this but get no further. I have a high amh but my consultant didn’t tell me this is a factor in pcos I found that out later via google

My cycle is every month but can be anything from 30 days to 40

But I’ve been told that there not irregular 🤷🏻‍♀️it’s all very confusing

But if you find out anything I would love to hear it

I have high amh but the nurse told me I don’t have pcos only pco? Have you spoken to a doctor? My nurse said yesterday that the conditions are completely different?

As far as I'm aware to go from PCO to PCOS all you need is whatever someone defines as "irregular periods" or slightly elevated androgen levels. I have PCOS even though I'm very thin, no excess hair etc. The syndrome isn't specific to a certain body type or hair issue. I think there isn't enough research about PCO or PCOS in general or what the crossover in infertility might be, it's really frustrating xx

Sandbeaches in reply to Chel91

The nurse I talked to yesterday said that the conditions are completely different, the doctor will be getting in touch I will keep you updated xxxx

All I can say it won't take long to reach pcos unless you take care it now.... Make lifestyle changes... Get early morning sunlight before 9:30am which helps a lot to your body... Make sure sunlight falls on abdomen area... Do detox with apple cider vinegar or green smoothies... Check for thyroid... Walk atleast an hour daily... Have breakfast which is very important for pco's... Ur pco's will go away if you get ur periods regularly... But if u don't get ur period regularly then consider u have entered pcos stage... So take care... Just monitor your cycles don't let them change due to bad lifestyle... Gud luck....

Hi There,

I have the same diagnosis. For me it is a ray of hope as I only have one ovary--therefore, I am hoping that my one polycystic ovary (PCO) will produce that of two regular ovaries. From my research however, it looks like while a PCO may produce more eggs, there may be a quality issue with the eggs. But I will have to wait and see how my body progresses.

I am currently on my first cycle on day 4 of stims. I had 16 follicles, on the one ovary, on day 3 of my cycle. So exciting! The other downside of PCO is obviously OHSS, but as you follow their recommendations regarding hydration, diet, etc--that is the best you can do!

I found a bunch of articles back when I was diagnosed but don't have them on hand. Here are two I found from a quick google search. I find articles published in medical journals the most helpful as they are factual and data heavy. If you don't mind reading them, they can be informative (specifically the abstract and results are the go-to sections). My trick for finding more information online is googling "PCO polycystic ovaries" and/or "PCO not syndrome" or something similar.



Wishing you all the best!


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