Ovulation test question

Ladies can someone advice me.

I took my ovulation test yesterday in the morning It’s positive . I also had my fertility scan in the evening 4 ‘0 clock and she says I am going to ovulate from left ovary and the egg is going to come out anytime .

I tested today evening around 4 pm and it’s negative , so my question is , won’t I get positive when the egg is released and if it’s alive for a day ?? The egg is alive for a day right ?? I hope I make some sense , if not please ignore it .


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  • I think the ovulation test is positive with an LH surge, which you get prior to ovulation so I’d imagine when you do ovulate the test could be negative xxx

  • Awww ok that’s what I wanted to know... thanks for that

  • No problem 🙂 xxx

  • Hi luv2017. "Amanda86" is quite right. The test tells you when you are just about to ovulate, not when you have, so all seems to be fine. And yes, the egg usually lives for around 24 hours once it is expelled. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks for the info ,, ya I thought the test will be positive after the ovulation too.

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