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Length of short protocol, personal experiences?


Quick question. Could you tell me how many days your egg collection stimulation cycle lasted (short protocol)? I know the internet says between 10-14 days, but I’m trying to get a better sense of some real world experiences as I’m try to deal with some time sensitive life planning. Also, I’m at risk for OHSS, so anyone’s experience with that complication would be especially useful.

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Hi Elise, excited you'll be starting! There is NO way to know how you're going to respond, so you definitely need to keep things as flexible as you can. For me, we ended up doing egg collection 15 days after starting injections, but at one point it looked like we might even have to take longer. Wishing you all the luck xx

EliseMac in reply to LCharlton

Thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed everything goes accordingly and I can actually START my cycle this time. 15 days would work great, just hoping it’s not common for less than 10 days of stims. 😬

I had 7 days of stimulation on short protocol + on day 8 I had trigger shot + 36 hours to mature after that. My AMH is 35, I do not have PCOS and I wasn’t at risk of having OHSS.

All depends how your body will react.

Good luck 🤗🤞

EliseMac in reply to Ranchu90

Thank you Ranchu! Its good to hear another perspective from someone who has an AMH similar to mine. I don't have PCOS, but just the 'PCO' part which puts me at risk for OHSS.

I started stims 31st jan, 11 days of meds, egg collection 12th feb, transfer 17th feb..BFP 27th feb xx

Many thanks, this is insightful and congratulations on the BFP!

Thank you lovely xxx

Also, I only had 5 follies, got 4 eggs and only 1 fertilised. So dont be too disheartened about the numbers. Ours was a top grade embryo, proof that its quality over quantity xx

I started STIMS on 6th January. 12 days of injections collection on 20th and transfer on 25th.

I had 43 follicles had mild case of OHSS 15 eggs collected. I was still able to have a fresh transfer

EliseMac in reply to Pondev

Wow, very interesting to hear 15 eggs collected with 43 follicles. I don't usually hear that piece of information and it's good to keep in mind! I have a high follicle count naturally, but only one ovary, so I will keep it in mind once I start stims. I am glad the OHSS didn't effect your fresh transfer. Thanks for sharing!

I had 8 days of stems and had a trigger shot on the 8th day too and egg collection was 36 hours after trigger shot and my transfer was 3 days fresh embryo transfer. My AMH is 7.8 and I had 9 eggs and 6 fertilized and of good quality. Hope that helps.

Yes, that definitely does help. This is the fastest protocol I have heard of, but thankfully if the timing is similar in our case we will still be okay! Thank you.

I have had a real mixture - my first 2 cycles I had 11 days of stims, my third I had 8 days and my fourth they wanted to go to EC after 8 days but I pushed them to 10..

is this your first cycle? I hate to say it but its almost impossible to plan with IVF, everything you dont expect to happen will happen and all your dates will be thrown out of the window. My partner and I travel loads with work and he was always asking me for dates for his diary so he could plan meetings and travel (clearly not travel at the moment!) after four rounds now we have both realised that all you can do is try and keep the second week of stims and the next week after that as clear as possible for collection and transfer, and be prepared to shift meetings, events etc around on those weeks too. Our EC days have been different 3 times, our transfer day has been different 3 times (have had 2 x day 2 transfers, 1 x day 3 transfer and 1 x day 5 transfer).. it also depends on weekends etc as well

Basically be prepared for last minute plan changes and a bit of chaos thrown in

Re OHSS, I had that in my last round, they started me on a drug (can't remember the name of it) the day of egg collection and I had to drink gallons of water.. we still went ahead with transfer.

Masses of luck xx

EliseMac in reply to Daisy1245

Hi Daisy,

Thank you so much for the guidance and sharing your experience. After being on the "IVF track" for two years now due to moving and a decision to wait to start--I am so darn used to the fact that planning is mostly futile. I paused traditional working (but started a time-flexible business recently) and have structured my life to accommodate IVF and the few rounds of egg collection we will have to do, once it starts.

The lesson on not planning was certainly cemented in March when my first cycle was cancelled due to COVID-19. I was laughing with my best friend the other day because in Jan/Feb we were planning my potential pregnancy around her wedding. We spent so much time discussing the details, then my cycle and her wedding were cancelled. We can't help but to laugh now. Ugh!

Our only time issue would be if my stims are on the short side, like 7 days or fewer. But I don't think that'll be the case. If they are, I'd imagine it would be a failed cycle anyway!

I am prepared to be a camel when on my stims to avoid OHSS--so much water! Did your doctors recommend upping your sodium intake as well? I am curious what the drug is, I don't think they are planning it for my first round. Fingers crossed I don't need it.

xoxo Elise Mac

Daisy1245 in reply to EliseMac

If its any consolation we have been putting OUR wedding on hold for 4 years due to TTC and not wanting to get married with a bump.. we had JUST decided to get it over and done with (!) in September when Covid came along! you couldnt make it up!

I looked back through my old posts - it was Cabergoline (the drug they gave me for OHSS) they will probably decide based on your oestradol levels at the time

Yes I was told to increase sodium as well.

Really hope its lucky number one for you and you dont have to go through copious ECs xx

EliseMac in reply to Daisy1245

Oh I am so sorry about your wedding. Are you going to keep the date, or postpone? We decided to put the IVF on hold to finally get hitched last September after a 5-year engagement. Its a bit sad to think we could have had a baby not if we had only put the wedding planning on hold--but such is life!

Due to a genetic condition we both carry (resulting in PGT), the multiple kids we want to have and my one ovary--I foresee a few rounds. But I am mentally prepared for it and hoping for a bit of luck, so thank you!

You are so right, things changes at everytime. After my 1st scan I was told to prepare for egg collection on the 15th of June only to.come in for my next scan and I was told to prepare for EC on the 12th and transfer was done on the 15th.

I thank God I was off those days as I had already planned for the first date I was given. x

Don’t think I could put it any better than Daisy has so I’ll just +1 what she said 😂

I’ve had four fresh rounds and egg collection has been earlier than planned and later than planned. One time out of four it was actually on the originally scheduled date. My hubby travels a lot for work so we always have to put him on a travel ban for the 10 days around potential collection date and I normally do the scans on my own. Sounds like that might be the new norm with clinics due to Covid now anyway!

I’ve never been an OHSS risk so I can only imagine that makes it even more likely to be moved around so just be prepared for anything. Wishing you lots of luck for your cycle xx

EliseMac in reply to KiboXX

Thanks KiboXX, expect the unexpected--right!

KiboXX in reply to EliseMac

Exactly! 😘 xx

Hi Elise, as many women have said it’s almost impossible to know how long stimulation will take as it’s so individual to each person. For me I had 12 days of simulation, egg collection on cycle day 14 and transfer on cycle day 19. I’m not at risk of OHSS and was told my timeframe was pretty standard. I hope that helps and good luck xx

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