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Short Protocol


So we had our follow up today after our third and only successful round of ICSI ended sadly in a missed miscarriage.

Our Dr has suggested that we try short protocol for the first time this round as I’ve ended up costing in 2 out of 3 rounds so far and come close to cancelled cycles.

Everything else we will keep as last time as we had success.

I know little about the Short Protocol and what the difference is - can anyone shed some light or point me in the right direction of somewhere I can find out more?

Thank you x

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I'm currently on my second short protocol round, I've only had short protocol so i cannot compare but what I do know is that the upside is it all happens very quickly. I had my first injection on 17th September and I'm due to have my embryo transfer on this Wednesday the 3rd October- and that's a 5 day transfer my embies are currently in the lab growing 😁😍 not sure what else you want to know but feel free to ask 😊 xxx

Emma04 in reply to Niki_B

My goodness that’s so quick isn’t it? That helps thank you. Wishing you lots of luck h with your transfer xxxxx

Niki_B in reply to Emma04

Yes everything happens very quickly sometimes feels too quickly! But I think I would prefer it this way then the long way. And I'm glad your clinic is trying things different this time, may be just what you need for your BFP! 😉😍😘

I was on short protocol in Feb.

I was on 450 Menopur and Cetritide from day 5. I stimmed for 13 days then had egg collection. It was a freeze all round as I had hydrosalpinx.

Time really did fly.

No real side effects except a headache on day 1 then bloating from day 8 or 9.

Good luck with your cycle, praying this is your time xx

Emma04 in reply to genten

Thank you, it seems a bit strange after the long protocol but willing to try anything x

genten in reply to Emma04

Definitely, that's the thing on this journey, we're open to try anything to get our dream.xx

My first protocol was long and my last 3 protocols have been short as i respond much better. As previous replies have said, it’s much quicker (& therefore usually cheaper on the medication front) and to me, felt a lot less stressful on my body. I had my first injection on a Friday and my last one was just 7 days later.

Apart from that, nothing much else to report! X

I had long protocol last October for my first cycle, that worked but ended in a chemical pregnancy. Almost hyper stimulated as had lots of follicles and eggs and was so uncomfortable as a result. They have said I will be doing the Short Protocol next time. As the ladies say above, it’s meant to be less stress on the body as you don’t down regulate, it’s just the injections for the few days you need them. I’ve been told I will be scanned apx every other day so they can catch me at the optimum time for egg collection. Quality over quantity is the name of the game this time. I’m quite excited! Wishing you lots and lots of luck on this cycle xxx

Hi Emma, really sorry to hear about your missed miscarriage.

We had a long protocol in Feb 2017 and now on my third short protocol. I can't accurately remember the long protocol apart from the sheer length of time it took! Over 2 months from when I called the clinic to tell them I was on day 1 until test day. Short protocols for me have tended to be around 4 weeks from day 1 until test date.

I have an ok AMH for my age so ivf #2 was short protocol, and they have been since then as I have produced the biggest quantity of eggs with short protocol (LP 6, SP 19, SP 11 and I will hopefully have my egg collection next week for this cycle.... Though currently coasting for the first time as we're waiting for my oestrogen to decrease so I can have a particular trigger).

As far as I understand they look at your AMH as with SP they work more with your cycle rather than shutting everything down and restarting it again.

The one thing that went wrong for me is that for the first 2 SPs I ended up having dominant follices, not ideal,but they had little control at the time as they hadn't completely shut down my cycle as they would have with LP. So for this cycle they gave me oestrogen priming previous to starting so I could have SP again and it worked well, no dominant follicle this cycle.


Emma04 in reply to Bumbo

Thank you that’s all really useful information, wishing lots of luck for your egg collection xx

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