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Are people being referred on for fertility treatment during the pandemic?


Hi all, as the title says really - just curious to know how people are finding being referred for treatment at the moment? Are services opening up and have people been waiting long? I was seen at the emergency gynae clinic the other week (v long story so I won't bore you all with the details) but the doctor I saw came across very matter of fact and was actually very insensitive, painting a very bleak picture. Ended up bursting into tears as what she said to me left me crushed. Upshot is I will more then likely need fertility treatment again. Only problem is I am scheduled to have gynae surgery next week 🤞 unless COVID infection rates increase. I'm socially isolating at request of Consultant in preparation for surgery and despite me giving myself hundreds of jobs to do to keep myself busy and work from home, I can feel my anxiety ramping up. Partly due to the thought of my op being cancelled a third time which is possible and partly following on from the info given by this doctor I saw. It's so hard in isolation not to think about everything. I'm mentally preparing myself for what could be a very difficult journey again and with COVID it's so much harder to not worry 😟

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I contacted my clinic the other week and they said I could start whenever I wanted. They have a little waiting list but as I’ll have to be private this time it wasn’t that long. Only downside was my satellite clinic where I have all my appointments bar EC and ET is not seeing any private patients due to helping the NHS so would have to travel 2 hours each way for just a scan at my main clinic. Thinking of going again in September 🤞🏻x

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Pleased to hear your clinic is open fingers crossed all goes well in sept for you 🤞it's given me some hope that services are starting to open their doors again. I did email my clinic hoping to access some fertility counselling just get me in the best place possible as this did help before but as I have yet to be re referred they couldn't help me at the moment. All being well if my surgery goes ahead then I can get the ball rolling afterwards. This whole COVID situation makes me feel like i'm on a knife edge 'is surgery going to happen? Will it be cancelled again?' take care and sending BIG hugs xxx

Hope your op goes ok xx

Thank you, take care ♥️ xxx

Hi poppy149. I know the feeling, my op has been cancelled and they still can’t reschedule my surgery. I am stuck in limbo too, can’t move on with fertility treatment until the op is done. Hopefully the situation will improve soon x

I'm so sorry you are stuck in limbo too. It's so so hard. Sending you love and BIG hugs and i have everything crossed that things will move forwards for you soon. I feel like having a good cry tonight ♥️

That was me last week, I was having a melt down crying for no reason constantly. The not knowing is so hard! I really do wish you all the best I hope your surgery goes ahead, where in the UK are you? Where I am in Wales they are still not doing Urgent surgery only urgent cancer patients at present.

Hi lovely, fertility treatment is so hard at the 'best' of times but with this whole COVID situation it's just a big nightmare. I'm in the south west and it has felt like so many barriers to get through. I've been waiting for surgery since January. It's been so hard and i can honestly say I feel very low tonight. The lack of empathy has really got to me and i'm exhausted with everything. Perhaps it's just a bit of anxiety as I feel like i'm living on a knife edge worrying about whether it will go ahead or not but no matter how I try and stay positive, sometimes it just gets a bit too much ☹️

I really hope things start happening for you soon. My GP wrote an amazing letter which I think got things moving for me so it's worth reviewing things with your own doctor who can be your advocat and write to your consultant.

Take care and pm me if you ever need a chat. It always makes me feel better talking things through with those who just 'get it!'

Yes like wise thank you, I joined this forum last week because I was feeling so low and I felt I had no one to talk too, who could relate to anything I was going though, but it has helped me so much already, keep in touch and fingers crossed for you, I will contact my Gp I hope they are as sympathetic as your was x

Thanks lovely, glad you're finding the forum helpful. It's really helped me so much. Highlight to your GP how all of this is making you feel and they should be able to write on your behalf. Sometimes having an athoritive figure act as an advocate can really speed things up. My GP requested I be considered a priority once they start opening up their doors. I hope all foes well for you. I have fingers and toes crossed 🤞🤞🤞

Take care and BIG hugs xxx

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