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Due for a frozen transfer


I’m probably being silly but I was told to ring the hospital as soon as I come on my period so they can book me in for scans etc in preparation to do my frozen transfer..the clinic isn’t open today (well emergencies only). Will waiting one day make any difference? At what point do I start my medication/pessaries?! Will it be after the scan? Xx

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I’m sure they don’t do anything straight away and they ask day one to know what day to plan around you will be fine to call in the morning x

Not at all. Ringing them first thing in the morning will be fine xx

One day is fine! I think even a couple of days is fine.

Good luck. Xxx

Thank you all. I’m so excited to get started after waiting so long. Also terrified though because Of how much this means to us ❤️ xx

genten in reply to kirstyblue

Bless you. You'll be fine. Xxx

Tugsgirl in reply to kirstyblue

I think we can all safely say we know that feeling. Good luck xx

I've booked in for a fet and will be going long protocol. The clinic said phone day 1 but that's just to book in. Meds won't start till day 21.

Have you been given your medication yet? I’ve just had my treatment planning meeting and although I have to ring them when I start my period they said if it’s the week I can start my meds and just leave a message and they will get back to me on Monday xx

kirstyblue in reply to Core

I have! I got my medication delivered a couple weeks ago and took my Provera to bring on my period. My period arrived yesterday so I went to the hospital for a scan today and they have me the go ahead to start prognova (think that’s how you spell due). Due for another scan on 18th then all being well they will book me in for a transfer 🤞 How you getting on? Xx

Good luck, how are you feeling about it all? I have to wait for my period which hopefully is due in 2 weeks and then start taking oestrogen pills (can’t remember their name) when my period starts I ring and book a scan on day 10-14 apparently xx

kirstyblue in reply to Core

I’m actually excited and feeling positive about it all but at the same time I don’t want to pin all my hopes on this working because it’s never guaranteed is it. How are you feeling?

Are you sure it’s on day 10-14 of your period you ring? I was told to ring as soon as I come on to be seen scanned between day-3 (was day 2 for me today as I came on yesterday). I’m sure every clinic does things differently 😊

It’s such a long wait isn’t it. I think the wait is what’s been the hardest xx

I ring on the first day of my period and start taking the medication then they’ll get me on for a scan between day 10 and 14 apparently. Yes I’m hating the waiting, I’m not due for another 2 weeks and it’ll be the first time in ages I’ll actually be wanting my period. Same as you I’m excited and cautiously optimistic but nervous to get my hopes up to much xx

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