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I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins ,

The sickness I’ve been getting is horrible, any suggestions?

I’ve tried having dry toast , ginger and I’m still felling it xxx

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rich tea biscuits and mints were OK for me at the start! Good luck, I still have nausea everytime I eat at 36 weeks! xxx

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Thank you I’ll try the rich tea , I’ve been carrying mints with me at all times.

And there me thinking it will stop after I hit 12 weeks 🙈

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I was begging for 12 weeks... and it came... and it went 😂 I was like... they LIEEEEE!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 Lol I hope yours eases off 🤞🏼 ❤️😊 xx

Lemonade seems to be helping me at the moment plus salty plain crisps

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Thank you , I’ll give them a try xx

Congratulations, I had terrible nausea from around 6 weeks, I'm now 14 and it's just easing. I completely went off tea so had hot water with lemon juice instead in the mornings. I also found a really weak milky coffee (de-car) helped. Along with rich tea biscuits and like Sarah_rich 19 said anything salty.

It will get better and as horrible as it is remember it's a good sign. I freaked out if I felt better for a day. Xx

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Thank you I will definitely try,

People have definitely said the same that sickness is a good sign.

I’m glad I’m in lockdown as I don’t think I would be able to go to work xxx

Boots sells some anti travel sickness wrists bands - they really worked for me! And crackers

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Thank you xxx

Mine was bad until around 14 weeks , I lost 2 stone I was that sick but it did eventually pass. Extra strong mints helped take the edge off the sick feelin and ice pops. Congratulations on the twins 😊

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Thanks it was very emotional seeing two on my first scan.

They say it’s double the hormones so I wonder if that’s why I’m so bad.

Hopefully it will get better soon xxx

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Hold on in there and remember it won’t last and you’ll have your little baby’s soon xx

Try lots of ginger. Ginger tea, ginger biscuits, ginger cordial. It's a natural anti sickness medication and will definitely help a bit. Try to keep a constant intake x

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Thank you xx

I feel for you, it’s awful and mine didn’t stop until 16 weeks. I found nothing that actually took the sickness away completely but certain things eased it. I took Diclectin 3 times a day-it doesn’t help everyone but took the edge off for me. Carbs in the form of crackers, biscuits, crisps and popcorn and a steady intake throughout the day also helped. Don’t worry about the advice to get a balanced diet at the moment, I’m 21 weeks now and all the carbs don’t seem to have made any difference to my health or that of the babies! Good luck!

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Yeah I’m definitely finding that salty stuff are helping and all the carbs that you should eat. Thank you xxx

Ondensetron from your doctor. Nothing will completely take away the nauseating feeling unfortunately. It will eventually end and you will hardly remember it in your second trimester. Good luck

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Thank you I’m hoping it will kinda stop soon xx

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Mine went on till 20 weeks for all three pregnancies, so hang in there! Xx

Please if you can get some I v fluids or anti sickness tablets I’ve been pregnant 4 times and Ice lollies help when you can’t keep anything down

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I’ve got some ice lollies I might give it a try xx

I am 8 weeks today. At my 6 week scan they couldn’t be sure if it is twins. I’ve been feeling nothing but sick and lifeless for 3 weeks now! I have a private scan this week- il be surprised if there’s only one in there with the way I’ve felt. It’s a good job we are in lockdown because I don’t know how I’d of coped at work.

I’ve tried everything- ginger beer, lemonade, toast, lime cordial but nothing eases it other than sleep 😴🤢

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I’ve started been sick since I was in my two weeks wait even the slightest of smells knocked me sick.

Well good luck for your scan this week you will have to let me know how many 🤞🤞🤞 xxx

Oh I feel your pain.its awful I had it. Coudnt even eat. Doctor ended up putting me on tablets which really helped. Xxxx

I’ve been feeling incredibly sick and tired these past 2 weeks. I’m 7 weeks. I’m having the viability scan on Friday. I had 2 embryos implanted too so I’ve got no idea if they’ve both stuck or not.

I’ve just been living on toast. It’s the only thing I can stomach xx

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Aw when is your scan ? xx

Mine carried on until 20 weeks. Speak to the doctor and get some anti sickness meds. They helped. Nothing else did x

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Thank you xx

Oh please don't suffer in silence. If you can't jwwp anything down or are suffering severely, please do consider some anti nausea meds. They are very very safe in pregnancy. And your doctor would start you on the milder ones. I have hyperemesis gravidarum. If I don't take my meds I can throw up over 30 times a day. I'm 23 weeks now and thought I was feeling better so stopped taking them for one day. I spent yesterday throwing up with a bleeding nose from the force of it. Mine is a bit extreme but honestly sickness can be so debilitating and if it's more than just regular morning sickness no amount of ginger or crackers will help because it just doesn't work like that. If you Google the pregnancy sickness support website they have so much helpful information. Especially around medication for women who are wary about it. But also you can call them and they can talk to you and offer advice. It's apparently always very rough with twins but do keep an eye on it. If it progresses and turns into HG you may need some additional support.

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Thank you , I haven’t heard from my midwife yet but I’ve have a telephone appointment this week with my gp and I will be definitely asking about some tablets.


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