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Any Tips prior to Frozen Embryo Transfer?


Hi all! So I have my first embryo transfer in August(FET), does anyone have any tips what to do before this, diet supplements etc?

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I would just eat healthy lots of fruit and veg and lots of protein. However, i also did a couple of sessions of acupuncture leading to transfer and also on the day, before and after transfer. Currently in the 2ww.... xx

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Awww good luck! Hope the next few days goes quickly for you! Yeh just need to think eat healthy etc I just feel like I'm going to be so so stressed and anxious, how do you feel after?

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I was very nervous, anxious, scared, dare to dream that it could actually work. Acupuncture helped a lot to relieve the stress...

I have mine too next month!! Freaking out!!

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Lol I really am too :( just want these next few weeks to hurry up!! Have you done it before?

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Noo this is first time we have come this far! Wish you the very best!

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Same to you! Xxx

Hi there. Try to eat clean, drink lots of water, cut down / out alcohol and caffeine, get enough sleep. Generally be good to your body. I take Wellwoman conception multivitamin as well. Very best of luck for August xx

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Thanks for the reply :)

Hiya I would try and eat healthy. I drank loads of water and ate Brazil nuts and drank pomegranate juice. I had accupuntre beforehand and just tried to be relaxed!! Good luck x

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Definately going to do Brazil nuts and pom juice, I started it during stims as I ended up doing a freeze all cycle, seen some videos on YouTube about pineapple core lol think I'll do everything haha

Hey I had a FET in April ... I had acupuncture and a session of reflexology. I tried to eat clean as much as I could and cut down to one coffee a day. I put a hot water bottle on my tummy each night and listened to Zita West pre transfer hypnosis to help me sleep. After transfer I had 5 Brazil nuts a day and drank pomegranate juice (just as that’s what people said lol). I then listened to the Zita West post transfer hypnosis and the 2 week wait one. I was finding it hard to be positive but they really, really helped me!!! The advice for the 2ww for me was to carry on as normal but a “little less”. That’s what I did, I went to work but kept evenings free and weekends clear. I watched funny films and kept my feet warm. I didn’t test early and I kept on here for support!! It worked and I’m 15 weeks! I Have had lots of dramas since my positive but we are still going strong. All the best chick xx

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Aww congrats! :) :) So you kept having one coffee per day even after transfer? What about exercise before?

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Yeah I have carried on with one coffee a day as you are allowed so many mg and the clinic said one was more than fine. It depends how you feel about it, a lot of women would say I shouldn’t I’m sure. I did lots of exercise before - totally carried on as normal x

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