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Our miracle has arrived!


Hi everyone. Here is our miracle baby. At 38 weeks I got induced due to baby measuring small on growth scans (below 10th centile) She was born 21st March , weighing 6lb 3oz.

Dad announced the sex and here is our little Beatrice. It was the best most beautiful gorgeous surreal labour i couldn’t dreamed of. I had gas and air only and it was like a dream, she is absolutely perfect words can’t explain the feeling of love, elation not gratitude I feel.

She was born with undiagnosed cleft soft palate and had some difficulty breathing and feeding so after 5 days we were allowed home. I suffered with anxiety and blues as I was so worried about her I watched her sleep each and every night for 10 days, but she is getting better everyday.

I could not have gone through ivf not any of the processes or feelings and the sheer emotional and physical rollercoaster of it. I am so so appreciative of each and every one of you that’s helped and supported me (and each other) along the way.

During this sad surreal time I would like to spread that dreams do come true, however long or hard the journey is I do believe each and every one of us wanting this so badly deserves and will receive our miracles. I wish everyone so much luck in the world, it’s a heart breaking time and I am thinking of you all. So much love and thanks, Laura xxxxxxxx

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Aww congratulations to you!! Lovely news. And beautiful name, I love the name Beatrice 💕 take care xx

Congratulations!! Wonderful news! Xx

Congratulations! Have fun getting to know your beautiful blessing x

Amazing. Very happy for you xox

Awww bless you lovely! Glad to hear that she is doing better every day....I hope you are too! Huge congratulations to you both.xxx

Your post is beautiful 💜 it brought tears to my eyes. I remember your journey/posts from last year and it's so lovely to read this update. Massive congratulations to you.

P.s really gorgeous photo xx

Aww 😍 perfect 👌 congratulations xxx

Congrats Laura! Gorgeous name and hope you're all ok and settling in well now you're home! thanks for sharing xxx

Congratulations Laura! What a beautiful post 😭 I'm so happy for you and beautiful Beatrice xx

What a beautiful picture. I love it!! Congratulations I am so happy for you. Is beautiful Beatrice needing any intervention for her cleft soft palate? Xx

Congratulations and what an awesome photo x

So much love to you! Huge congratulations. You must be dream walking 💖 xxx

So lovely 💐

Wow this is such a beautiful and inspirational post. Congratulations. ❤🙏👍

Lovely news, congratulations!! xxxx

Oh my 🥰 so so happy to see this update! Congratulations to you on beautiful Beatrice 💕

So pleased the labour went so well and you’re both doing ok.

Enjoy her, you deserve this so much lovely.

Sending lots of love 💓xxxx

Welcome little Bea!! Congratulations to the new little family. Pleased to hear she's doing well now and hope you can now settle into motherhood without too much anxiety. The early days are really difficult, especially if there are issues with feeding or gaining weight so don't worry if you're feeling overwhelmed, it does get easier xxx

Hugest congratulations to you both xx

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your news xx

Congratulations!! This is amazing!!


I’m so happy for you enjoy every moment xxxxx

Congratulations, enjoy being a mummy and thanks for the words of hope and encouragement xx

Congratulation and welcome to the world cutie baby,Crisps88 be strong and always pray only God can help for what we need...

I said it yesterday but I am so so so happy for you, so well deserved! Such a gorgeous photo, gorgeous name and such a well deserved bundle of joy for someone who has been so supportive to so many people on here, congrats lovely xxxxx

congratulations, lots of love and stay healthy! xxxx

Huge congratulations Laura! Enjoy every minute mama 💕💕 xx

Congratulations ❤️

Congrats Laura...so pleased for you xxx I'm glad Beatrice's doing better...I can imagine watching over them, esp after our journeys. Enjoy her and well done with labour xxx

Congratulations! Glad to hear she is doing better every day. Love the pictures. Enjoy every moments with her xx

Congratulations on the birth of Beatrice xx

Congratulations darling... Beautiful name too 💕 xo

Congratulations and what a lovely post. Thanks x

Congrats, God will perfect her health

Congratulations!!! So wonderful .... glad the labour was good and you’re so elated!! Wonderful news!! ❤️💕 xxx

Congratulations, what great news. So happy for both of you!

Much congratulations 🎉 this is such a beautiful moment

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