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Sensitive post * Baby arrived ... pic attached *

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I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you wonderful ladies who gave me support, advice & encouragement during my battle with Endometriosis, miscarriages & IVF. 20 months ago I was at rock bottom while going through my second miscarriage after struggling for many years trying to concieve. In January this year I was so fortunate to find a clinic that encouraged me & gave me the support I needed to attempt IVF. I wasn't feeling that hopeful due to being 41 but was very fortunate to get a BFP after my first cycle. All through my pregnancy I worried myself stupid, never daring to believe I would actually get my happy ending. On the 3rd of December at 9.53am I had baby Stanley who weighed 6lb 6oz by planned c section. I cry with happiness most days while looking at him... I can't believe my dream came true. I know compared to many ladies on here my journey hasn't been that awful but I very nearly talked myself out of IVF, probably to protect myself from more disappointment or hurt but I'm so glad I decided to fight on. I hope more than anything as many of you as possible go on to get your miracle babies. xx

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How gorgeous! Thank you for sharing ❤️🙏🏻

Sooo sooo Happy for you. Enjoy every second xxxxxxxx

I like to see the future. Enjoy every moment

Congratulations on your baby boy and for not giving up!

But what was in the water in spring of 2018?!?!?! I've never seen such a flurry of IVF babies being born in the same month on this forum lol

Let's hope were the next baby boom(!)

Enjoy Xmas with your little one-what a wonderful end to the year x

Congratulations and hope you have a lovely Christmas x

Massive congrats - as a 41 year old going through my second cycle having also had MC and other problems this give me so much hope! He is gorgeous xx

Ohhh my... wasn’t he worth the wait!! Absolutely gorgeous.... congratulations mama xx

He's so beautiful 💙💚💜

Huge congratulations xxx

Stanley, how cute and adorable he looks, just like his name. Well done for your courage and commitment mummy xxx

Beautiful and so full of hope. Enjoy every minute xxx

Beautilful baby xxxxxx

Huge congratulations to you.

We shall all share same news. Amen

Absolutely beautiful, takes me back to my baby boy x

Lovely! Thank you for sharing. Gives me some hope. He is beautiful. Many congratulations xxx

Wow congratulations hun. He’s beautiful xx

Thank you. I have Endometriosis and 2 MC with 2 attempts of IVF. We now have 3 Frosties and hopefully will get there, I am 37 so fingers crossed. Congratulations xx

Hes beàutiful...congratulations...thank you for posting so encouraging 😀

What a handsome chap. Congratulations. Enjoy an amazing Christmas xx

Congratulations, he is lovely and your story gives me hope that I will one day also get my happy ending. Thanks for sharing xx

Awww he is gorgeous. Well done for keeping the faith and congratulations xxc

Congratulations! What a lovely and such inspiring message. I am 41 nearly 42 (March!🙈) expecting to go through my 2nd cycle in apx Feb, and this really helps give hope. I’m so pleased for you xx

What an absolutely beautiful little chap! Many many congratulations! 💙😍 xx

What a cute little Christmas present 💝 xx

Hes just perfect! Congratulations xo

Beautiful. Congratulations xx

Congratulations, he's beautiful 😍

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Huge congratulations to you both. He’s adorable. 😍 xoxo

Congratulations, Stanley is absolutely perfect xxx

Congratulations so cute God bless you and the family

Congratulations. Stanley is beautiful xx

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Gorgeous! Congratulations! Xx

He is absolutely perfect, congratulations you must be so proud.

As a 41 year old on the 2ww it gives me hope xx

Beautiful! Xx

Congratulation thanks for sharing

Absolutely adorable congratulations

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Hi Stanley! You look so handsome! Congratulations to your mummy and daddy too. Lots of adventures lie ahead for you all. xxxxx’s for you. Diane

Aww he's gorgeous! I'm so happy for you, congratulations.xx

Congratulations!!! 🎉🎉🎉What a wonderful news! You have a gorgeous son! I am very happy for you! 💖xx

This post has made my day. Thank you so much for sharing this inspirational and joyous news. My you and your family be blessed. Congratulations and best wishes for your motherhood journey. X x x

Oh wow he is gorgeous 😍congratulations xxx

Congratulations. Isn’t he lovely? xx

Congratulations! He is gorgeous- enjoy your 1st Christmas with your little miracle x

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Awww he is lovely!!!! Congratulations! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Enjoy every second xxxxxxxxxxx

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SO lovely. Congratulations! He is gorgeous! Your post will give so much hope. Enjoy :) xx

Congratulations lovely, he is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and providing us with hope. Enjoy motherhood 💙💙


Congratulations so happy for you. 😍😍 has gorgeous xxx

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