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Sensitive Post 💓 7 week Viability Scan


I just wanted to post as seeing peoples positive stories along the way has kept me going, not withstanding knowing the pain others are going through. The second “tww” well 2 and a bit since OTD is over and today we had our 7 weeks scan. All looks good measuring 6+6 and we saw a strong heartbeat. The doctor was pleased and with that we graduate over to the NHS. It isn’t quite sunk in yet, and to be honest I’m not sure when I will stop being cautious - but for now we are celebrating a huge hurdle and hope this story gives hope. This forum really is a special place and I will be here for a very long time xxx

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So so happy for you darling xxx

amandac84 in reply to Noah1981

Thank you so much xx

Lovely news x congrats hun and thanks for sharing x x

amandac84 in reply to Lots8788

Thank you xx

Congratulations Amanda, pleased to hear all is well!xx

Thanks you xx

Awww fantastic news 😁 delighted for you xxx

Thanks lovely xx

Congrats! Beautiful news ♥️ xxx

amandac84 in reply to KiboXX

Thank you! Xx

Yay! Great news! x


Congratulations 🎉 Great news

amandac84 in reply to Hidden

Thank you xx

Congratulations. That’s brilliant news! :-)! Xx

Thank you xx

Congratulations lovely xxx

Congratulations on reaching this milestone , another step closer towards your baby. Definitely celebrate each special milestone. All the best with your pregnancy xxx ❤️

Awww congratulations to you 🥰❤

Wonderful news for you congratulations

Congratulations- such lovely news!! xx

Congratulations. That’s great news!

Can I ask whether they gave any advice about travel and the coronavirus? Have you made your decision on what to do?

They didn’t give a huge amount of advise as they follow the government advice and it’s not a high risk location and your generally ok to travel in early pregnancy and pregnant individuals are no more high risk. That said they weren’t enamored and said they would write a letter to help with insurance so we aren’t going. We decided it would be more worrying than we need right now. Xx

At least you’ve come to a joint decision on it. Me and my other half can’t decide!

Oh no that’s so tricky. We were like that the other day but when we saw our scan yesterday and spoke to the doctor I think my husband suddenly realised there were more important things. WiH you luck making a decision whatever you decide will be the right one for you xx

Yeh I think we are waiting till our appointment to decide. A lot can happen in a week in this crazy world! X

Absolutkey. The right idea I think cx

Beautiful news congratulations xxx

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