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*SENSITIVE* 7 wk viability scan


So after a very anxious few days of bleeding I went for my scan yesterday and I am so relieved to say that baby doing well, heart beating away and measuring 6 weeks 5 days.There was no sign of any bleeding and the nurse thinks it could be down to the pessaries. It still hasn't sunk in but I am so glad that we hung in there and kept going xx

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Yaaaay fab news xxxx

Clairenix in reply to Noah1981

Thankyou so much lovely xxx

I'm so pleased you've feel able to share your news!!🥰😍 I'm so excited for you!!👏🏻🙌🏻🤗😘xxx

Thank you lovely, just remember the rules as you will be first....I don't need to hear any details lol xxx

Ha ha ha rules noted!!xxx

Yay!! Fabulous news lovely xxx 😘

Thank you so much xxx

Congratulations glad to hear that your scan went well. P.s I’ve bled in every pregnancy I’ve had -3 out of 4 was fine! Very worrying but not always bad news. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is smoother xxx

Clairenix in reply to jess1981

Thanks Jess and apologies for delay, I had started bleeding again last night but had turned bright red. That must have been really frustrating for you, was it just early stages or throughout your pregnancy? Xxx

jess1981 in reply to Clairenix

Don’t worry. Yes it happened during first trimester.I only had one episode which lasted a week with red blood with my son at 7 weeks. With my daughter it happened between 6-14 weeks mostly brown but did half red blood with clots at 10 weeks.. This one as well as brown spotting I’ve had 5 days ( every week or so) where I saw red blood with clots as early as 6 weeks, last week I had my dating scan baby is fine! It seems very common in first trimester. Could be cervix , could be hormone surges, or where placenta is forming , bowel movements can cause it too. When I’ve over done things in the early weeks I’ve had spotting. The main thing is they couldn’t see a reason for it which is good news it’s not to do with your baby. I was advised to rest up when I was spotting with my daughter & I got signed off work after such a struggle I needed to put baby first. Do whatever makes this better for you. I hope it eases soon xxx

Clairenix in reply to jess1981

Thanks Jess, I'm currently on furlough which has made this transfer a lot easier and means I can rest up. Great news that your scan went well, hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy xxx

jess1981 in reply to Clairenix

Thank you, I’m so relieved I had to go to the scan alone ( no dads allowed) 😬 can finely feel excitement for this baby ( was too scared to get too attached before scan) ! Glad you are able to rest up. You can always get scans at early pregnancy assessment unit if the bleeding is worrying you that’s what they are there for. Bleeding is horrible in pregnancy xx

Congratulations. It's all so nerve-racking, but hopefully this scan should help put your mind at ease (well, as much as possible) x

Clairenix in reply to ttcemmie

It has a little bit but think I'll probably be anxious until it's safely here!! How are you getting on? X

ttcemmie in reply to Clairenix

I'm 7w2d. Two more days until my scan. Also anxious, but also can't wait! x

Clairenix in reply to ttcemmie

Oh wow, not long to go now. Looking forward to seeing your update xx

This is great news xx

Thank you so much xx

Congratulations 🥳 enjoy very second 😘💐

Clairenix in reply to RhinoCat

Thankyou, I hope that you are doing ok xx

Yey so pleased to hear all is going well! Congratulations lovely xxx

Thank you Picalilli, how is everything with you? Xxx

I’m doing ok thanks. Still saving for our DE round. Would ideally like to get going around Jan time if poss. Trying to keep myself busy with other things so not been on here quite as much. But always nice to get good news notifications! xxx

Wonderful news 🤗 Xx

Thank you, I am also a fellow bleeder which has been causing me some anxiety, it's surprising how many ladies go through the same. Hope your pregnancy is going well xx

It really is so horrible seeing blood and your mind goes to all the worst places but since then my pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing 😊 I still can't believe it!!

I hope the first trimester passes quickly for you & enjoy your pregnancy! Xxx

That's reassuring to know. I've been scared to move!!

Looking forward to the 12 week scan now.

Best of luck to you to xx

Lovely news 😁😁 Congratulations! Hope everything goes smoothly now so you can start to believe and enjoy xx

Thank you so much Shelleybean xx

Congratulations 💖💖

Clairenix in reply to Dorekhani

Thank you and hope all is progressing with you x

Dorekhani in reply to Clairenix

Thanks yea very grateful to Allah

Congratulations, another fab picture! Xx

Clairenix in reply to Maisie234

Thank you :-) how are you progressing with your donor/transfer? Xx

Maisie234 in reply to Clairenix

A nervous wreck 😁, I will hopefully be flying this Sunday to Spain for transfer on Monday. It's all out of my hands now. If we can stay out of lockdown for another wee while yet.. X

Clairenix in reply to Maisie234

Oh not long now, wishing you the very best of luck x

Maisie234 in reply to Clairenix

Thank you x

🙌 amazing news, so happy for you xx

Clairenix in reply to Solly-44

Thank you, hope all is well with you and your little boy xx

Great news Claire!

Clairenix in reply to Lowamh

Thank you, I hope you and your twins are doing well xx

Really happy for you. Wishing you a smooth pregnancy xx

Clairenix in reply to Kari55

Thankyou, I hope your girls are doing well xx

Kari55 in reply to Clairenix

Thank you, they are great 😊 xx

So relieved for you xxx

Clairenix in reply to Mrs_MT

Thank you and wishing you the very best of luck for your scan xx

Congratulations! It’s the biggest relief

Clairenix in reply to lizzybee81

Thankyou, it really is isn't it. I'm just feeling anxious now for my 12 wk scan, I think we will probably due around the same time x

lizzybee81 in reply to Clairenix

Am bloody terrified. I keep wavering between getting a 10wk scan but I just know even if all is well the day after I’ll be fretting again. I still haven’t had my midwife call either. I hope I’ll feel better once I have a proper care plan in place but who knows 😬

Congratulations so so happy for you sorry only just seen this xx

Clairenix in reply to Core

Thank you Core, I hope that your hanging in there xx

Core in reply to Clairenix

Doing ok thanks, still avoiding Google!xx

So happy for you lovely xxxxx

Clairenix in reply to Scarlett13

Thank you Scarlett, I hope all is good with you and thank you for the support and advise you have given me xxxx

Congratulations. Wonderful news 💕

Clairenix in reply to TeenyTiny

Thank you so much, I hope you are doing well xx

Amazing news! Very happy for you ✨✨✨

Thank you, I hope that you are doing ok xx

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