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Positives & negatives test day



I was just wondering if anybody had got positive tests on there test day with some brands and negative with others? I had embryo transfer 11 days ago today is test day, clear blues are negative first response & cheap tests are positive has anybody else experienced this if so what was the outcome im going mad. This is my 4 the embryo transfer 2 unsuccessful one successful last year but my daughter was fullterm stillborn in march.



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I think it’s something to do with the clear blue ones not being as sensitive to the pregnancy hormone. I’ve always been led to believe that a positive test is a positive test. The first response ones are definitely the best to use. Buy some more of those and test again using your first morning urine tomorrow and Monday and obviously give your clinic a ring as soon as you can.

Keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏻 Xx

First response early result is the best test. I would get one of those xx

I agree with the others re using first response. So sorry for your loss. Xx

Yes I agree FR are widely regarded as the most reliable, especially than the CB weeks pregnant indicator.

I used a CB basic (not weeks) and a cheapy yesterday for my OTD and both said BFP :-) But one was darker than the other. Just different brands.

Test again in the morning though to put your mind at rest. And congratulations x

Some good advice re; testing already so I just wanted to say I’m so very sorry about your daughter xx

First response is normally super sensitive. I really hope that it is truly positive for you hun. Im sorry to read that you lost your daughter. I lost mine in January and the pain I’m sure will never go away but in time I hope it’s eased for you. Xxx

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