Test day - positive beta

Hi everyone, had beta result and its positive 😊, 6th time lucky... However my hcg is 86 and told it's low, the clinic said they would hope to see it 100+ so i have to go back Xmas eve for a 2nd beta to check if the levels have doubled.

Feeling really worried and disheartened now and can't celebrate yet, just feel like crying 😒. Has anyone else had a beta of 86 or less and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? Xx

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  • Hey lady

    Sure you be fine think Kerneship had a beta of 14 now she is about 6 months with twins.....

    Try not worry and enjoy.

  • Thank you tamtam1, just feel I should be happy but worried. That's given me hope knowing other people's were less that mine with good result Xx

  • I know, you want to celebrate but you don't feel like you can until you've had that second call. The worry doesn't go away I'm afraid and I think it's a result of having to go through so much to get pregnant in the first place. All I can advise is focus on how far you've come, not how far you still have to go- I still panic about every twinge and pain I get worrying that something has gone wrong. Xx

  • It really gives me so much hope to read your story. I'm so worried and counting down the hours until tomorrow morning when I have my next beta, I will be a nervous wreck waiting for the phonecall. Did you have spotting? Iv had brown spotting when I wipe for on and off since day 5. Hoping for a good nice doubled number or more tomorrow. Wow 33weeks with twin girls is amazing, wishing you all the best for a trouble free birth xxx

  • I did have some spotting and I also had a heavy bleed at week 7. It sounds to me like you're still having some implantation spotting do that might explain the slightly lower HCG. Xx

  • 33 weeks with twin girls tomorrow. Both babies are big and healthy so their slow start hasn't affected them as far as I can tell. Congratulations xxx

  • Hi

    Can't answer your question my story a bit different but wanted to say fingers crossed for Christmas Eve πŸ™πŸ» the embryo/s hold fast.


  • Thank you Becks, hoping for a Xmas miracle βœ¨πŸŽπŸŽ… xx

  • Hello. I wouldn't worry to much. It can happen that you get a low and then high. Try to relax. Glad you have positive. Xxxx

  • Oh I hope so piglet123, just can't seem to get happy and feel sick with worry. Trying to relax but my mind is in overdrive Xx

  • Go and have a nice warm bath. With some lavender, very relaxing. Get some take away in. And have a film to watch to. Xxx

  • Hang in there flossy85 I'm sure it will all come good! πŸ’•

  • Thanks WeeMrsH, just can't believe we have finally got our positive after all this time but still not out of the woods yet. Hoping and praying for good news Xmas eve Xx

  • Will keep Everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you crazy_cat 😊 Xx

  • Maybe it's the sensitivity of the test - 86 isn't too far off 100. I think the important thing is that your levels double between now and the next test. Keeping fingers crossed for you that all is well. x

  • Thank you I hope so, just feel so nervous and bit down fearing the worst. Was great to get the call to say congratulations your beta was positive....but then went onto say....however your level was lower than we would like. I have everything going round in my head, tomorrow can't come soon enough Xx

  • Best of luck for tomorrow. That's a really long journey for you to take! Hope Christmas Eve traffic is ok for you...and that you get good news. x

  • Thankyou, we are setting off at 6am so should be there before 9am so hopefully miss the traffic, it's coming home that's the worst. Fingers crossed never been so nervous in my life Xx

  • Aw Flossy you're not that far off 100 as Tlove says so you have every reason to be hopeful. I can imagine how you must be feeling though but you need to try to keep those positive thoughts going for another wee while. Sending you a massive hug x x x

  • Aww thank you noodles and huge congratulations to you I knew this was your time I'm so happy for you. Will you be having a beta tomorrow? I hope all goes well.

    I know a lot of people would love to get a positive test and I feel bad for feeling so down. I always imagined to be crying with happy tears and celebrating and giving close family the lovely news they've waited to hear but just feel I can't get excited and have a feeling of dread that I'm going to lose it and all go wrong. I know I'm silly but tomorrow can't come soon enough, we have to make the 6hr round trip for another test I do hope its good news xxx

  • Aw thanks Flossy. Yes blood test tomorrow morning. I completely understand how you feel as nothing is guaranteed in this journey so we can never completely relax but I'm hoping that your beta test on xmas eve shows a rising hcg level. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. You have one more sleep. Sending you a big reassuring hug ❀ x x x

  • Good luck for your blood test tomorrow morning too, you'll have to let us know how you get on 😊. Thankyou so much, it really has been one long journey, it's taken nearly 7year to get this far I just don't want it to end. Off to bed now, hopefully have results in 12hrs time eek Xx

  • Will be thinking about you today Flossy85 and keeping everything crossed that you get the good news you so deserve ❀ x x

  • Thank you noodles I hope all goes well with your blood test too. I'm ten mins away from the hospital and so nervous xxx praying for a miracle πŸŽ…πŸŽ„βœ¨πŸŽ

  • I can understand why you're not wanting to celebrate just yet. Try and stay positive for your little one and fingers crossed tomorrow brings good news x

  • I'm trying to stay positive and desperately hoping for good news. Iv been googling success stories of low hcg to try to help me relax with a bit of hope. I'm hoping iv got a little fighter in there that'll prove how strong tomorrow. Thankyou Xx

  • Hello flossy,

    After all you've been through it must be so frustrating to feel in limbo and unable to celebrate your postive test. As the others have said, try to keep positive and fingers crossed all is well for tomorrow. 86 doesn't seem too far off 100 and of course you've had positive HPTs too!

    Good luck for tomorrow.

    Take care x

  • It's extremely frustrating, just feel so down and disheartened iv waited for this positive for almost 7yr and so scared of having it taken away so soon. Iv taken more pregnancy tests today and tomorrow and they look darker, in fact the one today the line was just about the same darkness as the control line so I'm hoping this is a good sign. Hoping and praying my levels have risen. Thankyou Xx

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