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EC day... Biggest rollercoaster ever!

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So I got 13 eggs this morning (10 predicted). Ended up with 12 mature.

However OH sperm count has gone from 47 million in May to just 13.2 today, meaning 3.3millon per ml. Told us there wasn't enough sperm to do imsi. They told us although we could use our frozen back up samples, this could compromise binning our fresh sperm. It came as such a huge shock his count has dramatically dropped yet again. He swears he's not taking anything he shouldn't be. I'm devastated. I had him on male fertility supplements for a while too.

Then the call came an hour ago, they had more sperm than they thought that they could use for imsi and have attempted to fertilise all 12 eggs using this technique. His count is still majorly low though. I just don't understand how it fluctuates so greatly. One month he had 23ml, then 45ml, then 250,000, then 67ml, then 47ml now only 13ml again. I don't understand it.

The clinic will ring tomorrow to tell us how many have fertilised. We had high fertilisation rate last time using icsi 13/16 but by day 5 only 3 to freeze. This is so much of a rollercoaster. Feel like I'm holding on by a thread. Now starting to put a serious strain on our relationship to the point it could split us up.

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Hi jessy

12 mature eggs is an amazing amount! Try not to think about your partners sperm count now !

You just need to think positive that you could have 12 little embryos by tomorrow.

Fingers Crossed you have a happy positive call from your clinic tomorrow.


Oh it’s so frustrating. My partner gets very cross that they don’t do more testing for the men, to avoid any surprises and make sure their levels are as expected.

It’s a massive relationship strain... We were struggling a bit and then found a support group that seems to have helped, even identifying with other couples who are having similar issues helps as there’s other people to talk to.

Hope things work out ok for you both xxx

Thanks all. Sadly I think I'm getting OHSS again. My stomach is massively distended again, cramping and in pain which I never get. Hoping I'm just swollen from EC and that I'll go down by morning or at least by day of ET x

Hi Jessy1280,

Wishing you lots of look for your fertilization results tomorrow.🍀

I was quite sore after my egg collection last year and especially painful when going for a no 2.

Hope you feel better in the morning and no OHSS....



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Thank you. I've had the call. Out of 12 mature eggs, 2 haven't fertilised. 7 have and the remaining 3 are still trying to do something. Got EC Monday x

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Hi Jessy1280,

That is great.🙂



Hi there Jessy,

I wouldn’t worry about his count at all. My husband’s count was 1 million and did not improve with fertility supplements they suggested.

We got 8 fertilized... so don’t worry as with ICSI they isolate the good sperm and look for its shape etc.

Best wishes ❤️

Thanks so much all. We've had imsi this time instead of icsi. In fact we had higher fertilisation rate with icsi last cycle however my OHs count in May was 47million. Literally no idea why its dropped SO much yet again to 13.2 million (3. 3ml per ml). It's upsetting not knowing if it'll go back up again. It's fluctuated wildly since his VR Sept last year.

I'm trying to push for 2 embryos transfered this time but my clinic are dead against it. Just praying all the fertilised ones will make day 5. Taken so many supplements this time including omega 3 and coq10 etc that I was hoping to see major improvements. Not sure how much eggs can compensate for poor sperm though x

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