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Any hope for 6-day poor quality blastocysts?


I’ve had several failed ivf cycles and now, I’m down to 2 frozen day-6 blastocysts. Any success stories from not so good quality day-6? I’m thinking of doing another cycle and putting 2 blastocysts. Really not looking forward to my next cycle so soon but DH is rushing me as he said that he’s not getting any younger. 😔

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I know what it's like to feel rushed by your husband.

I'm not sure what grade you were given but my friend had a 6 day blast graded 3cd and she had a 5aa. The 5AA failed and she just celebrated the 3cd's 4 birthday yesterday and he's perfect!

She didn't get pgs testing done but if you're not lucky next transfer I'd definitely consider forking out for it. It eliminates the abnormal and saves you time, pain and heartache in the long run. Pgs doesn't guarantee a successful pregnancy though, it just stops you playing Russian roulette.

A few of my 4AA blasts came back abnormal and they were my best graded ones so don't focus too much on the grading as it's quite subjective.

Yeah, I’m definitely going for PGS testing in my next fresh cycle. At least I’ll know the quality of my eggs before I even start. I’m from Singapore and over at my clinic, they don’t give u the specific grading, they’ll just tell me that I have day-5/day-6 blastocysts. They did tell me that usually day 6 are not so good.

I’ve got two day 6 3CC blastocysts going back next month, the last of my frozen embryos. As their ‘siblings’ were 4AA and have resulted in failure/mc/chemical I have been thinking that it’s very unlikely that they will result in a live birth. My consultant assures me that they can and she’s seen it happen with other ladies, and that although the chance of live birth is lower it is still worth a go. So cautious optimism. Hope we are lucky!

Thanks for sharing! Yeah, my doc also told me that my remaining embryos are not the best, but we‘ll see how it goes. I try not to keep my hopes too high. All the best to u too! Hope you’ll have a successful pregnancy. 🤞

My friend just celebrated her son's 4th birthday yesterday. He was a day 6 blastocyst and was graded 3CD! He's perfect. It all comes down to if it's genetically normal or abnormal as opposed to grading. Grading is so subjective and one embryologist can grade an embryo one way and another another way. With PGS testing it trumps grading. Hang in there

Amazing! That’s lovely. Shows it’s possible. Will definitely PGS test my next batch if these don’t work out.

Yeah, me too, if my frozen embies do not develop as planned. All these fertility treatments r burning a hole in my pocket 😭. I’m from singapore and everything is expensive.

It’s so expensive isn’t it, I can’t even go there in my head when I think about what we’re spending. We are self funding too. I really hope it works out for you x

u too! Are u going for your next cycle anytime soon?

Yeah, I’m just hoping and praying that my frozen embryos do not have chromosomal abnormalities.

I had difficulties with embryo quality. We had 2 failed IVF cycles. Each time we had early transfers as the embryos were average to poor. Each time was unsuccessful and all the other embryos arrested by day 5 so never any to freeze! The 3rd cycle I followed the book it starts with the egg and took all the recommended supplements. We ended up with 2 embryos left at day 5 which was a miracle in comparison to previous cycles! I only have 1 ovary so our numbers are always quite low. Anyway one was a morula (the stage before blastocyst so assume this may have ended up a 6 day blast?) and 1 was a 5cc. I came out of ET not hopeful as googling told me that cc grade blasts are poor quality and even considered non viable by some clinics and also the morula was lagging behind at day 5. However they put both in and 1 took... I’m 9 weeks now. I’ve read so many posts saying top grade blasts haven’t made it so anything is possible even if they are lagging behind a bit or they are graded as poor quality. Good luck 😊

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Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations! I pray tt you’ll have a smooth pregnancy and delivery! :)

I found out a couple of days ago that my hcg level was not increasing, it was so devastating. Was really hoping that this wld be a successful cycle as my day-6 blastocyst was already hatching when they did the ivf cycle (doc said tt was gd). Unfortunately, it ended with a chemical pregnancy. :-(

If they’ve been frozen then they can’t be such poor quality. Clinics will only freeze embryos they believe have a chance of being viable. My little boy was a day 6 embryo. When he was defrosted we were told that some of the cells hadn’t survived the thaw (Id never been told that with the others) and the grading was lower than it was when he was a fresh embryo (the others had always improved after defrosting). But lo and behold out of my 3 Frosties he was my successful one. So keep hopeful that your day 6 can also make it x

Seha04 in reply to Lynnr54

Thanks for sharing for story. I’m hoping and praying that it’ll be the same for me too for my next FET. :)

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