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Transfer day tomorrow


So tomorrow is my 1st transfer day, I’m a bit nervous and excited all on one. Any one got any tips? Xx

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Nope just relax as much as you can and fingers crossed x

Kitty230515 in reply to AJJ123

Thank you lovely. I’m going to have a nice early night, and I’ve taken a few days off work afterwards. Xx

Ah good luck, it’s a very exciting time!

My clinic told me not to use anything perfumed on the day so I used unscented shampoo and shower gel, other than that I reckon just try to plan a nice relaxed day for yourself x

Kitty230515 in reply to Solly-44

Thank you. :-)!!

I was in full blown panic mode when I got to the clinic . The nurses got me relaxed in the chair and I watched the whole thing on the screen and it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen . Very emotional and not all all painful, I didn’t feel a thing

I get emotional just thinking about it, and I know it’s important to try and stay calm. 😂. But that’s so much easier said then done. It’s not until 1315, so I’m thinking I’ll have a relaxing morning, go for a walk or something just to try and keep me calm. Xx

You will feel emotional it’s natural. A nice walk and a quiet morning will help you relax before hand .

Good luck 🤞😊xx

How exciting!!! Your bladder needs to be full for transfer, so time yourself carefully with drinking beforehand so you're not stuck waiting in reception desperate to pee!!! Best of luck xxx

Hi everyone, I haven't written on here yet just been reading all your helpful tips and advice! I'm currently on my 2WW!!! When I went on Saturday for my egg transfer I asked does my bladder need to be full and she said no 🤔 so just to let you know kitty some seem to want a full bladder and others don't.

Good luck, you'll be fine! It was probably the easiest part yet!xx

I’m new on here as well. It seems really friendly. It’s nice reading everyone’s helpful tips.

I hope the 2WW goes quickly for you. I’m trying to plan lots of things to do, to distract me a little bit. But I still think it will be the longest two weeks ever!! Worse then waiting for Christmas when I was little 😂.

Yes everyone is lovely, it really helps reading their experiences and tips. Yeah the 2WW is really dragging so far! I think I will cave and test early but not just yet 😬 I'm supposed to wait until next wed 15th but it seems sooo far away lol.

Best of luck for today xx

Jade3 in reply to CharlieR83

Good luck I had transfer Saturday too xx

Kitty230515 in reply to Jade3

Good luck with yours xx

Good luck for today ! Fingers crossed you have good news xXx

Thank you so much. Xxx

Just relax an enjoy! It’s amazing to see your embryo being put back where it belongs, our clinic gave us a scan picture! I read somewhere it’s good to have something salty after transfer so I had a large portion of McDonald’s chips! I also read pineapple helps implantation so had a slice every day during the 2ww. Might be a load of rubbish but I will try anything and it worked for me! Good luck 🤞🏼 Xxx

Good luck xx

Best of luck today!!!! xxxxxxx


Relax, have a full bladder for transfer and your pregnant! Go home and put your feet up after and watch a funny movie and relax for the rest of the day. Eat warm food, keep your feet warm wear socks during the 2ww. Stay positive in the 2ww easier said I know keep busy, keep happy and have resting time too.

Good luck xx

Yes please don’t stress. Think that it will work and surround ur self with positive people. Good luck

The clinic were very good and made sure I was relaxed through the process. My bladder had to be full but not bursting. I asked and they advised to go and let out a little which made easier for me to relax. It's a 10min procedure. Good luck x

All done, we had one really strong blastocyst embro. Which hopefully will be making themselves at home soon. Plus a strong one which has been frozen.

The clinic were fantastic. Feeling a little emotional now. Xx

Best of luck for the wait!!xx

Solly-44 in reply to Kitty230515

Glad it went well. I was surprised how emotional I was afterwards. Bawled in the street when I left the hospital! 😂. Best of luck for your 2ww x

I just finished my 2ww and got a positive beta 4 days back. It is exciting yet terrifying at the same time. All I would say is do not over think every symptom you are feeling because its most likely from hormones and let nature do its thing. Hopefully you will have good news at the end <3

Kitty230515 in reply to Anumanse

Thank you. I’m trying to plan lots of things to keep my mind busy! :-)! Xx

Kitty230515 in reply to Anumanse

Fantastic news for you as well xx

Anumanse in reply to Kitty230515

Thank you and you will get a positive at the end too! Good luck :)

Fantastic news for you as well xxx

Hi Kitty230515

So how did the transfer go? I hope it all went smoothly. Good luck on you 2ww! I have my transfer in 2 days so I am where you were2 days ago 😬

It went really well, they transferred one blastocyst, the embryologist said it was a really good one, and they have managed to freeze another one. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted and I feel more positive then I have been. All I can do is relax and try to enjoy the two weeks.

Oooo good luck for your transfer. For me the worst bit was the drive to the clinic, and then the waiting room. Xx

Glad it went well. Just a fewmore days and you will have an outcome 😁good luck and baby dust to you!

Will you wait for the beta or are you testing before? I don’t think I will be able to wait.

We had only 1 strong blast which they only told me when we got to the clinic. So I didn’t know whether I had a transfer today or not. The other 3 embryos stopped growing by day 3. It is quite surreal.... well... let’s see what the future holds hey!

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