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How to prepare for IVF

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Hey, we’ve had our confirmation letter come through that funding has been approved for our first IVF round so I’m expecting an appointment to come through soon. I just wondered what’s best to do to prepare for this - diet wise etc.

I have googled it but it’s hard to know what’s best to trust so wondered if anyone could give me any links to official sites or any information they have if possible.

I’m presuming - eating well / not drinking / certain extra vitamins? But not sure!

Thank you


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Hey lovely... congrats on your funding.... one more hurdle you’ve overcome. The only advice I can give you is to do some exercise... this helped me a lot as I felt good about myself and not just dwelling on my up and coming cycle...take folic acid and vitamin d.... a pre-conception pregnacare should be good and also eat healthily. Closer to the time you may want to search the site for what to do after transfer but I’d focus on that bit later on.... good luck xxx

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Ariel24 in reply to destiny121

Thank u, that’s what I thought - take each step at a time!

I would say all of the above. Plus make sure your getting enough sleep. I was told to avoid caffeine also. Good luck!

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I’ve cut down on caffeine a lot over the last 12 months already but will keep that in mind, thank u 👍🏼

I agree with the above - in general look after yourself well and have a healthy lifestyle. But also remember to enjoy yourself a little. It's really easy to start obsessing over things when you want a good outcome so badly but for your own wellbeing, don't be too hard on yourself. And stay off Google, it'll drive you nuts!!!

Best of luck, I hope things move quickly for you xxx

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Ariel24 in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Thank u 😊 we’ve got our wedding in 12 days so that’s nice to look forward to, intimate and stress free (at the moment anyway) and a nice way to relax with some time off after so thank u, will definitely be doing the enjoying myself as well

Hi Ariel and congrats on the funding. Doing you have a diagnosis? I have low AMH so take DHEA and co-enzyme Q10 along with a pre-conception vitamin, b12 vitamin and vitamin D spray. I gave up alcohol and caffeine after my first appointment a year ago. Took up yoga to relax my mind and have been doing acupuncture alongside my IVF treatment. I agree with MissSaoPaulo it is easy to get obsessed so it’s important to have things to look forward too especially after your wedding. Hope you have a magical day and enjoy every moment of it! Xx

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Whether DHEA is a prescribed medicine? What dosage are you taking if I can ask?

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Thank you! It’s down as unexplained infertility. I did have a laparoscopy back in April but they said my endometriosis was still ok after the last one I had and everything else has come back as normal

Best wishes for your IVF

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Thank yoi

Have a read of It Starts with the Egg. Great advice including supplements and recipes xx

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I’ll take a look - thank you very much!

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