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Feeling desperate

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There’s no other way to describe it really.

I have just found out that my endometrioma on my right ovary has a partner, possibly a Siamese twin. At a follow up ultrasound scan (for Dec’s bout of OHSS) at my local hospital I was told that my right ovary has one 5cm and one 4cm endometrioma - and these may actually just be one big fat 9cm endometrioma but she wasn’t 100% sure. My right ovary has more follicles than my left but it’s also covered in endometriosis. My left ovary has 3 small endometriomas on it. I don’t know what to do. My first IVF cycle failed and despite 8/9 eggs fertilising, they were all average embryos with none good enough to freeze. My fertility dr puts this down to Endo. With this additional endometrioma I feel my eggs stand even less of a chance and access to follicles will be even more difficult!

I am trying all the supplements in the world to improve my quality, my dr has changed my treatment protocol, and on top of that I’m actually searching for another clinic as my dr’s attitude is getting to me. I can’t have a lap as I had a laporotomy about a decade ago so endo aside, I have plenty of scar tissue that nobody wants to interrupt. I don’t know what else I can do. Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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No advice hon, just wanted to send you some good vibes.

Definitely worth checking out other clinics if you're not happy. I think it's really important to feel confidence in the Dr as we have so much invested, financially, emotionally, physically...

Hope you can work something out xxx

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Hi Bluetop. I have heard of endometriomas being removed via the vagina, so is worth asking about. Otherwise some drug treatment may be available to shrink the endometriosis down, and subsequently the "oma". Hope it gets sorted for you without too much hassle. Thinking of you. Diane

Hi I haven't been in this situation but like SaoPaulo said it is so important to feel comfortable with the Drs. I believe us women can deal with anything if we have good interactions with medical professionals and the support we need and crave! Good luck X

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