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Spotting again! *Update in comments below*

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I've really been through it with this pregnancy as I've been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and been so unwell with a hospital admission and having to be put on a drip due to severe dehydration.

Then last night I went to the toilet before bed and when I wiped there was a trace of blood. I'm absolutely devastated and haven't slept a wink. I'm going to call EPU to see if I can get an appointment as I'm petrified I'm now going to miscarry and I've had weird twinges all evening.

Infertility is so unfair and I feel whatever I do it's never good enough. When will I catch a break?! Sorry for the moan but feeling really low xx

15 Replies
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Oh gosh Hollie, you’re really going through the wringer with your pregnancy. I’m so sorry. I know it almost impossible but try to keep calm, so many people say spotting and some blood in early pregnancy is normal and most of the time nothing to worry about. It’s impossible not to think the worse. My symptoms keep coming and going and I’m always saying I think somethings wrong. Call EPU and get a scan, it will reassure you and hopefully they can tell you why you have some blood. Have you had anymore blood through the night? I’m keeping everything crossed for you. Sending you good thoughts and tonnes of baby dust. Keep us updated and hope all will be ok. Xxxx

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HollieW in reply to Em2405

Thank you. I am going to call EPU today. No more blood today when I wiped so it may be down to irritation with the pessaries but I'm still really worried! This whole process is so scary xx

I’m really sorry to hear this, it’s so terrifying to see any blood pregnant ☹️

I had spotting from 6-14 weeks every 2 weeks, it was horrendous & so stressful. I even fresh blood with clots at 10 weeks & to my amazement my baby was/is fine! Lots of women spot during pregnancy and their baby is okay ✨

My midwife told me unless I had severe abdominal pain with heavy bleeding bleeding like flooding i shouldn’t feel concerned by it. The only time to get checked red blood most of my spotting was brown.

I also have & have twinges ; they are honestly nothing to fear. It’s where the uterus is stretching & actually it baby is growing so it’s a good thing ( I know it’s scary) my midwife told me to expect period like pain between 16-20 weeks as baby would be having a huge growth spurt & I did! And she said not worry about it unless I had bleeding with it. They were strong period pains too; glad she warned me otherwise i would’ve freaked out!

I hope you can get a scan sorted out soon, because you won’t not be able to not worry until you see all is fine with baby ( I was the same ) xoxo

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HollieW in reply to

Luckily I've had no more bleeding over night but am still going to call EPU as I'm still really worried something is wrong. The problem is I am really constipated too (sorry tmi) so this is giving me tummy ache but I then worry it's to do with the baby. It's a never ending cycle of fear. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I do appreciate it xx

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Hi Hollie

How awful for you (!) It really doesn't end does it. My friend went through a similar thing to you, but like others have said above it can be completely normal and I'm glad it's stopped too.

Just a few points- have they prescribed you vit b6? Apparently it's often given in pregnancy to help with sickness. Some women have tried those travel sickness bands too to help with symptoms at least.

Also regarding the constipation- try magnesium citrate 400g+

It's an important mineral we all need and safe to use during pregnancy - will also help with cramp pain (muscle and nerve and restless legs), anxiety, insomnia, BP, headaches and hydration (it's an electrolyte) and pregnant women tend to be more deficient in it too. Worth having a look X

Hope you get some reassurance from the EPU (if you are getting irritation from pessaries you can take them rectally as many of us do and it is a lot less messier and absorbed just as well) xx

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HollieW in reply to Saya85

Thank you so much for the advice. I have just been prescribed anti sickness medication. Initially I was given cyclizine which hasn't really worked and now on ondansetron which is much better but as it's so expensive they will only give me a few days at a time and I have to beg for another prescription. It's crazy as if they don't give it to me I can't keep fluids down and I end up in hospital on a drip so costs the NHS more in the long run.

I will look into vitamin b6 and the magnesium as I have the majority of symptoms you have listed above!

I'm hoping the EPU can see me today and give me some reassurance xx

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Update - thank you for your comments it really did help. I've had a scan and everything is fine and baby is now nearly 11mm with a strong heartbeat. They've put the bleeding down to local irritation because of the pessaries as there does not appear to be any reason for the bleed. I do feel reassured for 5 minutes until something else arises!!!!! We really are warriors with what we have to go through xx

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Ahhhh youve been through it havent you!!!! So glad you got a scan today and hopefully with the medication things will get easier for you!!! Xxxx

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HollieW in reply to ALLY81

It certainly feels that way! Fingers crossed things will run more smoothly from now on 🤞xx

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I am overseas so missed your initial post - so sorry to hear you are having such a terrible time and then so much worry as well but really please EPU have calmed you and 🤞🏻 The spotting and the sickness stops soon x

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HollieW in reply to Daisy1245

Thanks Daisy. I hope you are doing okay as it's such a nerve wracking time! Xx

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Daisy1245 in reply to HollieW

Anxious, paranoid, pessimistic etc etc! I wish we could fast forward to 12 weeks xx

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HollieW in reply to Daisy1245

I hear you! I've seen my baby three times now and still so anxious. I hope I do feel better at 12 weeks but even then I'm not sure I will ever relax!!! Xx

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You really are suffering! I know HG can’t be pleasant (I hated my morning sickness but it wasn’t anywhere near as severe as HG) but if there’s one good thing about it then the stats show that severe morning sickness means a lower chance if anything going wrong with the pregnancy so it’s actually a good sign. I know that won’t help you when you’re throwing up every 2 minutes but trying to find that silver lining for you...

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HollieW in reply to Lynnr54

Yes that's what professionals have said it's a good sign but like you say when you can't keep a thing down it's hard to see that! I've now been prescribed very good anti sickness medication and although it never cures the nausea it does allow me to function and haven't been sick for 2 days now which is a miracle! Xx

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