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AMH test help

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Hi folks

So I’m awaiting NHS IVF, they’ve said another 8-10 months. Unexplained infertility, never been pregnant, nearly 2.5 years TTC. I’m 35.

The only test I haven’t had yet is the ovarian reserve, they said they will do this near to IVF time. I’ve just realised i can get this test done at a local pharmacy. My concern is if I get the results and they are bad, I’ve no support or no one to ask what it means/if there’s anything I can do.

My thinking to get it done is wouldn’t it be better to know now rather than waiting another few months, incase there is something I can do (although I’m not sure what).

Has anyone gone through a similar dilemma and have any advice? xx

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Hi my dear. My hunch is to wait to be honest. The one they’ll do as part of your ivf treatment will be much more accurate. I know it seems as though knowing everything is good but I really believe that not knowing some things can actually bring you some hope. Why not give yourself another couple of months of feeling positive heading into ivf? I wish you the best of luck for your treatment and hope it is successful for you. xxx

I’m like you and think I would rather know. Hope everything works out for you whatever you decide x

It decreases over time so they'll want a recent test when planning your IVF protocol so even if you do it now you'll probably have to do another one closer to the time. I had one that was done about 18 months beforehand but had to do another one right before we started.

I don't think there's anything you can do to improve ovarian reserves as we don't produce new eggs, but there is some debate about taking supplements that supposedly improve egg quality, so that might be something to look into - there are quite a few old posts on here if you look for COQ10, Ubiquinol or DHEA these are some I've seen discussed a lot. I don't really know much about it but I had IVF at 38 and Dr told me to take COQ10, but I don't know how much evidence there is to support such supplements though, as not every Dr/clinic prescribes them.

Best of luck with your journey and I hope all the waiting passes quickly for you xxx

I can relate to you. Even I am like that. However, I would say that you should wait because the clinic will still require you to get a new test done. I am sure the results won't be bad. Stay positive! Just prepare yourself for the IVF and hope for the best. Also, if it is really bothering you then just for your ease of mind you can get it done. However, if you have no idea about the levels then you wont really be able to evaluate it.

My gp suggested this because of my age, at the time 41. I was shocked with the low level it came back at, 0.30! Basically no chance of my own eggs. After the news it opened up the options we had which was donor eggs. Whilst not the outcome I wanted I felt better dealing with facts. Who knows yours might be fine. Good luck xxx

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Thanks for your comment, and I’m sorry to hear you aren’t able to use your own eggs - but like you say knowledge is power and can help us move on to the next decision. this is one of the reasons I’m thinking I’ll get the test. I can’t stand the upset of every month with no baby and knowing there might be an obvious reason that I don’t know about.

I had mine done as part of my IVF treatment. I don’t think there is anything you can do to improve it but you could look at improving the quality of what you do have. I took COQ10 which is supposed to be good for egg quality. I’m sure there are dire changes which also help. The book “it started with an egg” may help x

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Great thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out!

I paid for the AMH test after we had been trying for a year and found out it was lower than average. My (nhs) consultant seems to see it as a reason to just get on with treatment.

I had it done because I knew I would assume the worst if I didn’t know. Even though it was lower than average it was helpful to know it was still high enough for treatment.

I also found this article on this topic interesting:

Good luck whatever you decide. xxx

Thanks very much, interesting article, I’d read before that some researchers say the test means nothing.

Hello my lovely,I found out during IVF that I have high AMH levels and also PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and I now take Inofolic twice a day as advised by my clinic.i would see no harm in getting it done even if they re do at the clinic at least you will have an idea! Currently having my 4th attempt at FET following 3 cancelled cycles due to fluid in the uterus so hopefully this time is fluid free now I am on the Inofolic!

Best of luck to you!Xx

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Thanks for the comment, sorry to hear about your cancelled cycles. Sending lots of luck your way for your 4th attempt x

I purchased the AMH egg reserve test online as I'd already had other blood tests coming back not great so I thought right I need to know what my egg reserve saying. I now after all the tests and the results being poor take them with a pinch of salt as all said I shouldn't conceive but I did twice. First ended in miscarriage, 8 weeks later I was pregnant with my little boy. I say do the test but don't give up hope no matter what the result. While you're still ovulating and having periods there is a chance. I took several supplements between the miscarriage and conceiving again and a few things during the 2ww after reading the Zita West fertility book. Sure it helped. Good luck xx

Thanks for the info and advice, I think you’re right that it might be useful to know but also to be aware that it might not mean anything. Congrats on your wee boy! I’ll check out Zita West x

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