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I need a little help on low AMH

I posted last week about my test results having paid privately to have AMH blood test & it came back at 2.2 when the guidelines for my age are 4.1 - 58.0

I am a little confused though as I don’t really know what this means & google is not quite giving me the answers!

What does it mean to have low AMH? When I’ve had blood tests in the past to check if I’m ovulating they’ve said I definitely am, so it doesn’t mean you dont ovulate every month is that right?

So do I ovulate but maybe the eggs aren’t that good?

I have a 25/26 day cycle & have pretty heavy periods.

I’m just wondering what drugs they’re going to give me & what they actually do? Will it be drugs I have to take or injections?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get my head round this a little bit more before our consultation in a few weeks. I know I should just wait but it’s taking too long to get there 🤔


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Not at all; progesterone level indicates whether or not you have ovulated each cycle. If you have regular cycles then you are ovulating every month and the medics have told you that you are; listen to them not dr google!!

I have low AMH and I managed to conceive naturally last year ( after endo was treated but miscarried) Low AMH will not prevent you from being able to conceive. I like you was devastated by my low level; it was 5 and I was 32 at the time so 4 years ago god knows what it is now 😳

AMH i how medics base the dose you need for IVF. With Lower AMH you will need a higher dose; don’t read anymore into it then that.And remember it only takes one lucky egg 🥚

All the best for your appointment hope it goes well xoxo

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Thank you!

It’s all so confusing, it’s going into a whole new world of stuff I didn’t even know about!

I’ve been thinking since my results that that’s why we haven’t managed to conceive these past 3 years, I just haven’t had a good enough egg?



It sure is!!!

Have they run investigations on you both?

It took us nearly 6 years to find the cause of our infertility; ours is my endometriosis which was only found last year. For us it was so much worse not knowing the reason and so many friends and family believed “ unexplained infertility “ meant nothing wrong 😔 yeah right 😒every test we had was normal but I worried every time because I knew something wasn’t right and there had to be a reason it wasn’t happening. It drove me nuts! I think it’s better to have a reason 👍

I am not medical but I do not believe low AMH can prevent a pregnancy. Many ladies on here have become pregnant with low AMH including myself ( but miscarried)

Wishing you the best. xoxo


Yeah we were told a year ago that we would need IVF due to my partners low sperm count & poor morphology but we don’t qualify for NHS funded anything because he already has a son! 🙄 the irony!! And they’ve been saying this whole time that no problem with me, I’ve had scans, they said nothing about my eggs then, I had the dye - no blockages, blood tests, nothing wrong. So we’ve been taking supplements etc to try & help this & still nothing has happened. I’ve been convinced there must be something else because if there was nothing wrong with me as they kept saying & it only takes one good sperm then why hasn’t it happened in 3 whole years - same as you I have been driving myself crazy so when they said I have low AMH i actually felt abit relieved because maybe that’s the answer!

It’s a minefield isn’t it!!

Wishing you all the best too!


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So sorry to hear you can’t access ivf funding. 😔 I can’t either as I have a grown up son! 🤦🏽‍♀️such a unfair system I mean honestly who comes up with such rules!!!

It is good that everything is normal with you. Try and see that as positive; it would be so much harder if you both “issues”. The problem for the infertility male factor; I’m sure there are many things you can to improve sperm quality; maybe the ladies on here will be able to advise on male factor.

it is very frustrating that is for sure.

Our first fertility specialist was pretty dismissive literally shrugged his shoulders at me and he “ well you have a child already ( to me) and I don’t know why you can’t conceive.” Helpful not!!!! Thankfully our current fertility specialist he has been much more efficient and he diagnosed my endometriosis. I think when you have a child they think “well you done it once you can do it again” and it’s not always that easy! 😩

Are there no additional supplements they can prescribe or anything they can do to help his sperm? I don’t know much about male factor.

Could you go down the IVF route? I know it’s expensive ☹️ we felt very abandoned by our first fertility clinic when we got discharged with “ it’s IVF or trying and we won’t fund you” that is how it was said not joking 😒

Let me know how you get on at your appointment 😘 xoxo


Hi I was in the same situation as you Have one son, private IVF, AMH was low at 6.2 My consultant said we have a low chance as AMH affects the quality of eggs, not just quantity. He tried to talk us out of it because we already have a son. We went ahead anyway, I only had half as many eggs as my previous IVF 9 years ago when I got pregnant with our son (my AMH was ok then) and the eggs were not great. I did not get pregnant, so I actually regret not listening to the consultant. Hope this helps. We do not have a male factor.


The Dr's use your AMH to determine how you may react to drugs and what protocol they recommend for you. It is a well known fact that lower AMH does hamper your chances of success but that's only an educated guess and have seen women on here get pregnant with lower AMH. You will almost certainly have to inject drugs but the Dr will decide on what you need to do for sure. My AMH was 7.19 and unfortunately after 3 cycles it wasnt to me (we also have male factor). Have you looked into trying DHEA to try to improve egg quality? There is another thread going on this just now....worth a read. I would say that if you are using your own eggs then to give this a try. We have moved onto donor eggs to give us a better chance of success. Good luck!xx


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