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TMI - cm query and cold meds

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I ovulated around Christmas and since then I’ve noticed watery cm every time I cough or sneeze. It’s not wee although I was not sure at first.

This has never happened before - other than when pregnant and I’m just wondering can cold medicines cause this to happen?

I’ve been taking:

Sudafed nasal spray and capsules

Covonia cough medicine


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I’m not medical but I have heard certain cough medicine can thin mucus. Some fertility doctors recommend it whilst on clomid as a side effect from clomid is thick mucus.

Also make sure it’s safe to take sudafed & cough medicine whilst you are in the 2WW, in case you have conceived this cycle. Some medicines aren’t safe in pregnancy. I find honey & lemon with water heated up works better than cough medicine. I hope you feel better soon❤️

I really hope this cycle brings you a BFP xoxo

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AJJ123 in reply to

🤞 I could do with a little good news, we will see. It started Christmas Eve and I wasn’t taking cough medicine but I was on the Sudafed. Now I’m taking the whole shabang xx

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Hi Ajax. Medicine with guanefeisin will thin mucus anywhere, including vaginal. It is safe to take. Hope you’re soon better. Diane

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AJJ123 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane I shall check out the packets. Xx

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