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*Sensitive* have a lovely Christmas everyone🎅🏼🎄

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Hi guys! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted in here! My little clomid baby Tommy is now 9weeks old! He’ll be 10 weeks on Christmas Day, crazy how fast he’s growing up.

Just wanted to wish you all a fab Christmas and good luck in the new year wherever you are in your journey! This time last year I was on strong antibiotics for an infection in my cervix, little did I know my husband would then be taken to hospital in January with fluid around his heart. Wasn’t the best time of year, however January, our 4th go of clomid is when we conceived our lovely little man after 3 years of trying! We didn’t have an easy pregnancy or labour but he is here, healthy, safe and thriving!

Hoping to give someone out there a bit of hope!

Merry Christmas you lovely people!


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Little sweetheart, he's looking great. Happy Christmas!!

Thanks so much! Happy Christmas to you lovely❤️

Congratulations gorgeous photo xx

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Thankyou so much xx

Oh wow what a gorgeous little boy🥰💙 hope you have the best Christmas with your little one xxx

Thanks so much! Hope you are well and have a lovely Christmas xxx

Thank you very much and congratulations, he's absolutely gorgeous 💞

Aw Thankyou! Have a lovely Christmas! 💖

Tommy is adorable. Time flies by. Francesca is now 6 months! Have a lovely Christmas with your family 😍 xxx

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Thanks lovely! OMG can’t believe she is 6 month already, it really goes so fast🙈! Have a lovely Christmas too 💖🎄xxx

He is gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you all xx

Thankyou so much! Merry Christmas to you too, have a fab one 🎄xx

He’s really cute. Look at the little round belly 😍 bless. Have a very happy first Christmas as a little family xx

Aw thanks lovely, omg I know it’s like he’s been eating all the mince pies with santa🤣🙈! You all have a lovely first Christmas together too💖xx

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