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Fear of adhesion pain during pregnancy

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Hi ladies, this is my first post even though I follow and read many posts. I had an operation to detach my right tube last year by laparoskopy. And after the lap I had a shock. My uterus and bowels were stuck toghether and also all of them were stuck to omentum and douglas. Besides my ovarians are stuck to each other and also to uterus behind the uterus. Now I’m trying to conceive by IVF. Three unsuccessful IVF done. I intend to try the fourth cycle of IVF. But now my big concern is will I have a so much painful during pregnancy because of these adhesions. I have some anxiety about that. I’m really looking for positive stories. Sooo much thanks for your answers.

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Hi eminem. Sorry to hear what you have gone through. I am not sure if you have endometriosis but I had/have the same things as yourself with my organs stuck together and with the bowel and adhesions all over. I have severe endo so my pain was due to this awfuk condition. However, I like you was worried sick to go through ivf due to the pain and my furst cycle which ended in a mc I had pain prior to transfer (when the lining thickened). On my 2nd ivf cycle, I had no pain and am currently 14 wks pregnant and touchwood, I havent had any adhesion or endo pain. My dr said pregnancy can either relieve the pain or it can go the other way. Try and stay positive. Good luck xx

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Thanks a lot cryst4l . That’s encouraging. My surgeon didn’t want to ease the adhesions due to the bowel perforation etc risks. So they remain as a mass. On the other side he didn’t find endo but said there may be. And added may be I had a pelvic infection which I didn’t notice.

I have extensive endo and am 9 weeks now. I have to say - it is mostly so far, so good! I did have mild OHSS and considerable cramping very early on in pregnancy -- I really couldn't say whether the endo affected this at all. I'm now two months (and counting) without any significant endo pain, which is a joy! Try to stay positive. Best of luck to you xx

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eminem in reply to Sfarre

Thanks Sfarre. Happy pregnancy with you! Do you also have adhesions like me?

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Sfarre in reply to eminem

I have more lesions than adhesions, but do have some in pouch of douglas x

Anyone else who want to share her story? I really need to hear some too

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