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Pain- early pregnancy unit


I'm hoping for some sort of reassurance or a lady that's ever been in similar situation

I am currently 4+3 First IVF cycle (3 previous ectopics)

I am an absolute mess and really really worked myself up convinced myself that it was another ectopic and had pains all over my tummy and shoulder😩 I went to my local EPU this morning as I knew they would see me due to previous history.

They said it's unlikely we will see anything but is a possibility so after an unbearable 2 hour wait my consultant scanned and said maybe a uterine pregnancy I literally burst into tears nothing is actually confirmed as it is early still but I've never had anything in my uterus so I'm praying it is good news 🤞🙏🙏

I have attached pics and it's the black little spec that she said maybe gestation sac?

Thanks for reading and look forward to replies sending love ❤️❤️ xxx

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It's hard to say as so early, keep hydrated and get lots of rest and hopefully in another week or 2 things will be clearer xxx


I know it's so hard I just want this to be right more than anything I've had the most awful year last year xx

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I understand Hun I am almost 8 weeks and the worry never stops xxx

Everything crossed for you ❤️❤️

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Awww congratulations

thank you 😊 xxx💕❤️❤️💜

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I'm no expert but hoping that it is 🙏 xx


Thank you so much I'm Praying every minute of the day xx 🙏


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