Happy Valentines Day ladies

Wishing you all the very best, not only today but for ever, speaking as a male, I have nothing short of respect for each and every single one of you ladies, what you have, had or are going through is nothing short of bravery. Hats of to you all. Hope today brings you so so so much joy, there's no doubt that you deserve to be spoilt today.

Enjoy your moment :)

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  • Aww Sanj this was a very lovely post! how sweet! x

  • Thank you, such a lovely post x

  • What a sweet words, thank you very much.


  • Hi Sanj, happy valentines to you! I was going to message you today to see how you're getting on? ❀️

  • Aww thank you for such a kind post.How lovely! Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day too.

    P.s I'm glad your scan went ok-sorry one didn't make it that's tough-but hope this one is a keeper.


  • Happy valentines day to you too.

    Lovely post .

    Hope you and your wife have a good day

  • Lovely words x

  • What a lot man you are πŸ‘ŒAll the best to you and your other half too xx

  • Meant to say LOVELYπŸ˜‚

  • That is such a lovely message..your wife is lucky to have such a thoughtful and empathic husband. It is so good to see men on here too as it affects them hugely also. Wishing you three a lovely Valentine's Day πŸ˜€ x

  • What a lovely status!! I hope you and your wife have a lovely day too x

  • Thank you Sanj! Hope everything is going well.

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