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Hi all

I know I shouldn't of but I did a quick test this mornin with a cheap test I had 2 fet last Thursday. So this is what I got I just wanna know if you guys can see a very slight line or am I seeing things.

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I think I can see the line.pls be patient and do a test 3 or 4 days later honey

Possibly see a faint line but this is waay too early to test. When is otd? Xx

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kellyoke1 in reply to Camillage

I know it's way to early lol don't worry I'm not getting my hopes up. Otd is Xmas day

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Camillage in reply to kellyoke1

Ah, well that is still a full week away. Don't test for at least another 4 days. At least! P.s. what a great day for a bfp. Xx

How cool to have OTD on Christmas Day! I definitely see a line so looks positive but there is still a small risk your trigger is still in your system. Got my fingers crossed for you x

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kellyoke1 in reply to Daisy1245

Never had a trigger just lining tablets and pessaries

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Daisy1245 in reply to kellyoke1

Ok scrap that then

Definitely a faint line but did you have a trigger? I tested positive this time at 6dp 5dfet and it was a true positive so wishing you luck xx

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kellyoke1 in reply to Tugsgirl

Didn't have trigger on had that with fresh cycle before egg collection had 2 frosties put back this time

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Tugsgirl in reply to kellyoke1

It’s odd how some do and some don’t isn’t it? I’ve always had triggers with fet but most of mine were natural fet xx

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Saya85 in reply to Tugsgirl

Hi- yes I think in natural fet they trigger ovulation so they can time the transfer according to age of embryo thereafter.

In a medicated cycle they override your ovulation anyway and just build your lining with pessaries etc

Although I still think they should use a trigger to try and keep it as natural as possible and I will suggest that next time.if this doesn't work.

As for kellyoke- I do see a faint line and hope all works for u! I had FET last Thursday too and our OTD is Xmas eve as clinic are shut on Xmas day.

If positive I will contact them for more meds etc also- please do make sure you have enough pessaries etc to cover you over the holiday period as I can imagine supply may be delayed

I can see a faint line....hopefully just gets darker now! Good luck.xx

I can see a faint line too. Everything crossed for you 💜

Way too early to test but all the best for a BFP at Christmas! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

I see a faint line there. Fingers crossed for u. Exciting times 😀

I see a faint line too xx

Definitely a positive test. Congratulations xoxo

Haha! You didn’t wait till Boxing Day then 😂 looking very promising! I can def see the line, hoping it keeps getting darker x

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kellyoke1 in reply to baby2016

I know I got talked into it lol, I no it's to early and I won't get my hopes up until otd 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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