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Sensitive post - sending off pregnancy tissue

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Hi girls.

I’m so sorry to ask this question. My clinic has asked for me to collect my pregnancy tissue from this miscarriage. Does anyone know how much tissue they will need to process this? This time I’ve passed small amounts as I was only early. Last time I passed a lot in one go which came back normal. I’m just trying to get some answers from all these losses - professor quemby says I should send them all off from now (although hoping I won’t need to)!

Thanks in advance as always

Steph xx

9 Replies

I don’t know, but wishing you the best & hope you find some answers for your losses. So sorry for your losses. Hopefully someone here will know xoxo

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Steadman80 in reply to

Thanks Jess - I’m due back tomorrow for more bloods to check my HCG is going down more as has been dragging its feet. I’ll need to take the tissue with me and don’t really want to unless it’s enough. It upsets me to have it sat there and to have to carry it round in my bag and I can never get through to my fertility team! Xx

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From my last one they had to pull out of my cervix it fit in a little jar I’d pasted a lot of clots prior. They didn’t test mine for abnormalities just to make sure it’s just pregnancy not cancer of anything.

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It's looked at under a microscope so even a small amount should be ok. I would take it along with you when you go to your appointment. Sorry for your losses.xx

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Steadman80 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you - they accepted what I took xx

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I don’t know the answer to your question but wanted to send you lots of love xx

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I’m so sorry this is happening to you again. It’s so awful...

I’ve been advised to get as little or as much as I can. Even a small size would be enough. Just make sure you keep in the fridge until your appointment and when you get to hospital, let them know ASAP that you have it

Take care of yourself xxx

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Thank you the accepted what I took so hopefully they will be able to use it xx

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HollieW in reply to Steadman80

Fingers crossed you can find out more 🤞 xxx

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