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Advice Appreciated!

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So to cut a long story short my 4th attempt has just been cancelled due to my lining not responding to medication. I have had 1 transfer in the past which failed. Since then I have had problems with the thickness of my lining. I was on the highest dose of progynova, patches, take vitamin E, drink pomegranate juice, acupuncture and still no luck. The Drs are now reviewing and will be doing it differently next time. I just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience? Any suggestions for things I should be asking? I want to go to the next appointment armed with information. Thank you!

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I think Cinderella5 may be able to advise here xx

I’ve recently had my first cycle cancelled for the same reason. It’s really tough so hope you’re doing ok 😔 my docs are doing a hysteroscopy to check for any problems. Might be worth asking for one if you haven’t already had one xx

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Marietay in reply to LittlestBob

Thank you! I haven’t had one of these so will ask about that. 👍🏻 it’s just so frustrating! Xx

Hi, I've had the same problem in the past & it's been caused by an infection (had biopsy & treated by antibiotics) and scars/ adhesions (removed during a hysteroscopy). Drugs wise, what's worked for me is taking the oestrogen vaginally (taken orally it has to be broken down by the liver etc, vaginally its absorbed straight away) and viagra (sildenfil) taken vaginally. I've just gone from a 5mm lining to a 8.5mm lining in a week by changing & addining in the oestrogen & viagra vaginally. I'm also taking aspirin, trental & Clenaxe, X.

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Marietay in reply to Molly2016

Thank you for your reply will definitely ask about a hysteroscopy. They have never mentioned taking them vaginally however I will ask about that aswell, thanks so much for your reply gives me hope that it’s worked for you. X

Hi Marie

Just to add to the above blood thinners may also be a way to go as they will increase blood flow to the womb and allow for a healthier lining.

Aspirin may just be enough but if you have other health issues or autoimmune problems (coagulation issues that they can test for) then blood thinner injections are quite common too.

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Marietay in reply to Saya85

Thank you! Will ask about this aswell 👍🏻

Hi Marietta, sorry but can't offer you any advise but just wanted to wish you the best of luck x

Maritay...apologies for typo my phone has a habit of changing words! X

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Marietay in reply to Clairenix

Thank you! Xxx

Hi MarieTay, I too struggle with my lining....its a blooming pest! I usually start on around 8mg of progynova and have to increase around my day 9 scan to 10mg. I usually do get to where I need to be but boy it takes me time. I too take vit E, just bought L'arginine - taken with vit E is meant to be good for lining, read in a study and I usually take aspirin 75mg which is meant to help with blood flow. Gentle exercise, warm baths, hot water bottles and keeping my feet warm - advice from acupuncturist. Im not sure what protocol that your hospital gives os not sure if this is related to you but this time I have asked to change my protocol so that Im not doing a fully medicated FET, I feel that the down regulation switches my body off too much so just going to take progynova on day 3. I had a hysteroscopy in the past where they removed thick scar tissue (I see someone else mentioned this) but havent done many transfers since then so cant honestly say if it helped or not. The only other thing that I have decided to try as I saw someone else mention it but...I took DHEA in my stims cycles and my lining wasnt too bad and recently read a paper that it may help with lining issues so have started back on that....will see what happens on my next cycle - see below. Ive also heard of patients taking progynova vaginally and viagra though I know a couple that have tried this and it didnt help but might be worth a mention. If you think I can help with anything then give me a shout!xx

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Marietay in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you so much for your reply! So helpful! I did try gentle exercise, hot water bottles and baths on my last cycle! I’m definitely going to ask about a hysteroscopy! I was on a short protocol so have never had to down regulate? The Dr did ask if I’d ever had an operation etc I presume you can have scar tissue etc even though you’ve never had an operation etc in the womb? Maybe a silly question! Xxx

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Cinderella5 in reply to Marietay

No not a silly question at such thing to be honest! No, I've never had surgery or D & C or known infection like sti. It was just there although the consultant said it could be due to a previously unknown infection so who knows! All he said was the scar tissue hampers blood flow to the womb. Good luck, let us know how you get on!xx

I found I had to use 3 Evorel (estrogen?) patches instead of 2, and daily baby aspirin or clexane blood thinners for it to work/ get thicker each time. My new clinic never told me to take baby aspirin daily so I forgot it was recommended by my previous clinic. However, when my lining came back too thin twice, and my cycles were cancelled they decided I needed to be on clexane injections (blood thinner) or if you've had enough of injections the baby aspirin do/ did make a difference for me. Increase your patches if you can as well. Daily vitamin D won't do any harm. Have certainly been in your position twice before doing the above and when they stop a transfer it's heartbreaking. Best wishes x

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Marietay in reply to Music1

Thanks for your reply! I know it’s awful. A failed transfer was difficult to deal with but repeated failed cycles without even getting to transfer is taking its toll! I was only on one patch along with progynova so haven’t tried only patches. They were added later when the progynova wasn’t working! Will definitely ask about aspirin and clexane aswell! Xx

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Music1 in reply to Marietay

Haven't used or know what progynova is. At my previous clinic it was daily Merional injections. This clinic uses the Evorel patches that you swap every 4 days. Originally on 2 (as they recommend) but then had to be upped to 3 patches. The clexane as well, although I could have gone with aspirin. It is crushing. If I told you, I've gone through maybe 4 cycles with the 'scratch' done under sedation (another £500) and 3 weeks of drugs to get to the end and hear... 'we can't go ahead', either due to poor lining or my TSH Thyroid being too high. Hang in there, at least you're not wasting the embryos. I only had 3 so after wasting 1 with a thin lining it's worth hanging in there, although it feels like a huge blow. Hope they work things out for you x

Ask for these blood tests active vitamin B12 as serum is flawedMMA,homocysteine ,folate,iron,ferritin,Vit D ,zinc,,thyroid,magnesium rbc.Vit b12 needs to be over 550 otherwise supplements are required.,I have taught Fertility Awareness for 37 yrs I had a client 3 yrs ago who had been trying to achieve for 4yrs no success.Had vit b12 & D levels checked .Vit b12 low she supplemented with Vit B 12 sublingual spray & achieved a pregnancy in 4 months Most Drs do not know this info..Vit E is also a great source for maintaining pregnancy.

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Marietay in reply to Marylyn

Thank you very much for your response. It is very helpful!

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