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9 embryos still going on day 3, 5 top quality, 1 divided weird

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Thanks to having the embryoscope for my third cycle, the embryologist was able to see that one of them divided oddly. Just hope the rest continue to do well for our day 5 transfer....this will be out 5th trabsfer total. Here’s a photo of my partner and sister post egg collection when i was coming round from the sedation!

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Awesome pic!! Fingers crossed for the daily updates will continue to bring you good news until transfer time xx

Thanks! X

That's a good number of them still going!! Best of luck for the transfer and hope the wait flies by for you xxx

Thank you x

Great photo. What a support team you have there! Great news too xx

Fab news! 💕 xx

Good luck sweety...pray this is a successful cycle for you x

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Scarlett13 in reply to Sk1817

Thanks! I’m so over being in limbo! X

Ha ha ha great pic! Glad to hear all is still going well, good luck for transfer.xx

Thank you xxx

Awesome!! Well done xx

Good luck and I love your support team. Keep positive and enjoy laughs together in moments of difficult times. My transfer is Monday hopefully xxx

Thank you! Good luck with your transfer on Monday and the 2WW! My transfer is tomorrow xxx

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