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I’m new to this and want to pick your brains!

I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m having pgd at Guys hospital 🤞 in January I’ve been given my timetable etc when to have scans and when to start injections. This will be our first cycle, we’re based in Newcastle upon Tyne and Guys is the nearest centre for us. I had my implant removed in August and was started on microgynon I had a very little bleed in September but none since I have been having my usual horrendous period pains etc just no period. I’ve taken my pill religiously and we’ve been careful, I’ve taken a pregnancy test just to put my mind at rest as well which was negative.

My main concern is that I’ve been emailing Guys about the lack of periods to no avail and we have a date for delivery of our drugs (next week). I had the implant for nearly ten years and just wonder if it’s a hormone thing but no one is answering my concerns.

I just want to know if anyone else has had this issue before? I don’t know anyone else who has gone through ivf. I feel like I’m bombarding Guys with regular emails about my lack of period and feels frustrated and that it’s getting closer to when we are supposed to starting treatment.

Sorry for the long moan/ rant


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Kimcon, I'm trying to PM you but can't work it out just yet... bear with me. x

No problem. I'm on night shift tonight so sorry if you get random messages at daft o'clock xx

Sent you a PM x

Hi kimcon,

Yes it is very normal for your periods to be all over the place for a while but just to be clear - have you been taking several cycles of microgynon?

Or was it jsut the one in September ?

Sorry if a stupid q- but are you taking a regular 7 days break in between months of microgynon?

If you are doing all the above and still no period then that is a little unusual. Some women don’t respond as well- in which case even if you don’t get periods regularly they will give you a new medication to give you a withdrawal bleed before ivf starts.

Most likely provera/norethisterone which you take for 5-7 days only.

It is so frustrating when you can’t get any answers form the clinic. I had the opposite problem where I was continuously bleeding even whilst on microgynon!

But normally have absent periods - and they give me provera to start my ivf.

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Kimcon in reply to Saya85

My cousin is like you but she has polycystic ovaries and only has periods when she takes her pill.

I normally or used to have nightmare painful periods in that they lasted nearly 12 days and we're really heavy I've tried nearly ever type of pill and they would help a little for a little bit. I eventually got the implant in so had about 3 I think and would occasionally have break through periods with it still in.

I got it removed end of August and started microgynon straight away I had what I think was a period in that I bleed a little but for only three days but I had my usual pains and it was towards the end of my 7 day break. But in October and November I had my break and had horrible period pain but just no period. It's been about 70+ days. I feel when I email guys hospital that I'm giving them an update of my lack of period. Ive had two negative pregnancy tests but to be honest I didn't think I would of been pregnant it was just for reassurance.

I feel so frustration which probably isn't helping and I can't get an appointment with my GP for ages and not sure if they will be able to help. My general surgeon wants obs and gynae to keep an eye on me as well and I've got a pre ante natal appointment with them coming up so I'll mention it to them.

Kim x

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Saya85 in reply to Kimcon

Good idea @appt.

Have you ever been investigated for endometriosis ?

Although there can be many reasons for period pain that may also be one? Possibly it’s stimulating endo tissue elsewhere in abdomen but not a thick enough lining. Your ob&gynae soecialist should go through options with you. Yes I have PCOS as well- but I used to have horrendously heavy periods that could last weeks and months ! But also be absent for years.

For future however consider magnesium supplements around your period time- it helps to relax the abdominal cramps sx

Good luck x

Hi Kim

Have you seen that on Facebook there is a closed group called Guys PGD? If you’re not already a member then I strongly suggest you join for helpful support from other people also having the same treatment at the same place.

I’m sorry that I can’t help more with regard to the issue you are having though as I’ve never experienced this.

May I ask what you are having pgd for? I had it for a balanced chromosome translocation but I was able to take my funding at a private clinic in Nottingham rather than at Guys- not all genetic counsellors realise that this is possible so most people seem to get referred to Guys but from what I can see, the communication from Guys is generally poor. I thought I would mention it in case you end up having a second round and want to try somewhere else (with any luck you won’t need to though).

Wow thanks very much. I didn't know there was a Facebook page I'll check that out. I've got FAP which is pre cancerous polyps on my bowel it's hereditary my mum died of cancer and I've had a lot of surgery and need more to prevent it.

I think I'm finding the lack of communication from guys so frustrating. I feel like I'm bombarding them and they answer some questions but not others.

Thanks for your advice we originally looked into to PGD in 2010 but deferred it as we were getting married and had other stuff going on but CARE could be a potential.


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