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Hi guys I’ve finally been able to work out how to load pictures on here. Here is a picture of my 4AA Blastocyst that was implanted on the 1/12/18. I’m currently on day nine I think. I test on Thursday 13th December. I currently have had sore boobs and nipples, bloating and lower back pain since injecting. So I’m not getting excited. I have been really exhausted though. I haven’t been doing too much either. I had pouched eggs and mushrooms this morning. My goodness I couldn’t eat them as the smell of the mushrooms and the texture of the egg was making me ill. I’m just putting it down to the medication. Would love to know who else is at the same stage as me. Xx

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Not long now until test day. Fingers crossed for that BFP 🤞 xx

Thank you Hollie xx

You’re doing well not to test. Hang in there and good luck for otd xx

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Kelz84 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you TugsGirl. I’m a bit apprehensive to test. Just incase it’s negative. I’m scared of the result xx

Wishing you lots and lots of luck. This time last year it was one day after my ec and I now have a beautiful baby girl. I also had icsi. I hope you will be able to share a similar story next year 😊xx

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Kelz84 in reply to Lucylu_88

Hi Lucylu thank you. Hopefully I can share a successful story also xx

Sending lots of luck for OTD🍀🤞🏼xxx

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Kelz84 in reply to everhopeful83

Thank you everhope xx

aw, baby's first photo we hope!!

Hope the rest of your wait passes really quickly for you xxx

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Kelz84 in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Fingers crossed hun. And thank you xx

Wow that’s a fab photo!! Can’t work out how to put mine on xx

Thank you hun. I couldn’t put mine on. So I asked and was told the camera is in the bottom left corner. Then I realised I haven’t activated this app to have access to my camera. So I went into settings then the app and allowed. Hope this helps xx

Thank you, I just clicked on the camera and there it was lol!! So photo is there now xx

Beautiful looking blast! Best of luck for OTD 🤞🤞💕💖

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Kelz84 in reply to Niki_B

Thank you nikib I appreciate it xx

Wishing you lots of luck 💕 xx

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Kelz84 in reply to Lou7744

Thank you Lou xx

Good luck, that embryo looks really strong and perfect!!! How do you upload pictures?! Xxx

Hi hun thank you. Look at my post labelled pictures xx

I test on the 14th. I had 3 day transfer. Sending you good growing and dividing thoughts

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Kelz84 in reply to Muppetgirl

Hi muppetgirl. Welcome to the group. Ooohhhh finally a buddy around the same time as me. How has your journey been so far? Thank you for your kind words xx

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Muppetgirl in reply to Kelz84

I've had a very positive journey. This is my first IVF so am encouraged by everyone's determinations on here. I hope your 2ww flies by and you have time to relax.

Your blast looks beautiful. Best of luck. X

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Kelz84 in reply to Rainbowhope

Hi rainbow thank you for your kind words xx

I'm at a similar stage to you. I had my transfer of 2 blastocysts on 1st too but my test date is 12th. I've not had many symptoms apart from slight pulling sensation on my right side. Have been tired but that could be because of early starts at work. Good luck to you and keep us posted x

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Kelz84 in reply to Georgie17

Hi Georgie thank you for your comment. Did you have a fresh or frozen transfer. I wonder why we are a day apart? I’ve had pulling and twinges. Going off food and tender breasts. But I’ve put that all down to the meds. I haven’t been back to work yet due to being a post woman and it being too physical. Xx

Hoping all those symptoms are good ones. Best of luck for the 13th xx

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Kelz84 in reply to Dunla

Thank you Dunla. Hopefully xx

I had a frozen transfer. Different clinics seem to have different dates. It is confusing and I'm too scarred to test early so will wait till 12th. You made a wise move to take time off especially with your job. This is my 5th attempt and having a distraction helps me plus I work in an office. I hope we both get a good outcome x

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Kelz84 in reply to Georgie17

Yes it seems everywhere is different. Oh bless ya well I’m hoping for a positive outcome for you. I’m finding it so hard to get a good nights sleep. I’m always tired. Which isn’t helping. I’m just gonna be hopeful it’s all I can do. Xx

Wishing you all the luck for Thursday xxx

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Kelz84 in reply to Rowly88

Thank you Rowly. I appreciate it xx

Good luck sweety, gorgeous looking blast! Wishing u a BFP soon x

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Kelz84 in reply to Sk1817

Thank you Sk I appreciate it xx

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