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Saying goodbye to cyclogest and estrofem! Now scared!


It’s funny you start on the drugs with excitement and anticipation then after a while you hate them and now I have one more to take tomorrow after weening down to once a day since last Wednesday, to taking one every alternative day from Saturday and tomorrow is last day! According to transfer date I am 12.4wks but according to dating scan I am 13.1 wks. I have felt a bit crampy but not sure if physiological or not? I feel terrified and now love the tablets I had grown to hate and don’t want to stop lol. Can any ladies share their stopping stories pls and hopefully I will feel better xxx

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Oh good luck Snuggles144. I know what you mean. I have seen stories where people are told to stop after transfer, after 6 week or 8 week scan. Not sure if I could do that! By 12 weeks (sometime between 9 and 11 apparently) your placenta will have taken over so you should have nothing to worry about. Easy for me to say from the comfort zone of 8 weeks! I think I will have panic sweats when I get to that point. Logically it's all fine, in terms of our crutches, having been also dismissed from the off clinic, I can see it will be very very hard.

Good luck xxx

Thank you Camillage, I know I’m being silly with my thoughts but after being desperate to stop them I would happily take them all the time lol.

My clinic is good they said to contact them and keep them up to date. Has your clinic discussed you stopping? You are doing brilliantly I am so happy for you. I couldn’t image stopping at 7/8 weeks 😳😳😳

Oh I am not stopping until just before 12 week scan. I could not imagine just stopping at 6 or 8 weeks. Imagine! After my 8 week scan my clinic sent me my instructions of how to stop and when, and a form to fill in and send to them after the birth, along with advice that should I have any questions i should really direct them to my local doctor. It feels a little sudden, but as they are remote I would be contacting local Dr etc if I had any concerns anyway. Booking in with midwife on 10th and toying with getting a 10 week scan for reassurance. However I have yet to decide if that would cause me more stress than relief. Ha ha xx

That’s does seem very non patient friendly 😳. Hopefully your gp is good. Because we had a little problem at six weeks we have had quite a few scan and paid for one in between our extra scans lol. Always scared before scan so it does increase anxiety and the scans can only show what is happening in that minute in time but in that minute it is wonderful lol I think I have turned into the most irrational person 🙈🙈.

They are more just matter of fact. They did say other things, like they were delighted etc. I am making it sound worse than it is 🤣

Lol glad they have been good. Enjoy your pregnancy 🤰 you deserve xxx

You too lovely xxx

And good luck with the weaning x

Hi Snuggles

I stopped my cyclogest pessaries at my 7 week scan. I was so scared at first, like you, i was used to taking them and thought the worst would happen if i stopped. I even rang the clinic when i got home just to double check. They said they were happy with the lining of my womb at my scan and my body was producing progesterone itself so they were happy for me to be off them. I was scared a week or so after i had stopped them. Thankfully i have been alright as in i havent had any problems. So those of you who are asked to stop taking pessaries at week 7 it is ok. X

Snuggles144 in reply to Masha111

Thank you Masha you must have been really scared. It’s so reassuring to read your post. At a 9 wk scan we saw the placenta and they showed the blood supply so I know I am being a nutter lol. I think for us all it’s such a journey and we end up with way more knowledge than normal or think we have more knowledge lol. Really glad all is well with you. Seriously thank you for replying I had heard of people coming of early so great to see your post. I hope all continues fabulously for you. Xxx

I totally understand the anxiety of stopping, I had my 12 week scan although I was 13 weeks by then and then reduced to every other day. I’m now 17 weeks and had to keep telling myself I’d seen the placenta was doing it’s job at my dating scan so there was no reason it wouldn’t carry on doing what it should. Once you’ve stopped it does become a easier, I think it’s the actual anxiety of cutting them out x

Snuggles144 in reply to E_05

Thank you. I haven’t read anything about anything bad happening when you stop at wk 12 or 7/8 come to think of it. Hopefully you will feel your little one kicking around soon to offer more comfort xxx wishing you all the very best xxxx

Can’t advise on the cyclogest but just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy! X

Snuggles144 in reply to Kari55

Thank you Kari55. Fingers crossed everything works out for you too. You have had a difficult journey too xxx

Kari55 in reply to Snuggles144

Thank you Snuggles144. I have high hopes for 2019 xxx

I will be thinking about you and keeping everything crossed my lovely. Xxxx


Congratulations on your pregnancy, such brilliant news. In most cases the drugs apparently aren't a necessity, they are more of a failsafe. In my case, the drugs were very necessary, I would never have got pregnant without them as my lining wouldn't have sustained a pregnancy. I came off them at a similar point to you, weaning off in the same way. It was so scary. But my little girl is 13 weeks old today.

This point is one of the most scary of your pregnancy but I'm sure it will all be fine. If you have any spotting seek advice immediately. But from someone for whom those drugs were essential, I'm sure your little miracle will be OK. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x

Snuggles144 in reply to Hidden

Thank you and congratulations to you too. I hope you are loving every minute with your little one.

It’s great to hear you had no difficulties especially as your lining needed them.

I know I am being irrational but just feel I have lost my comfort zone after hating using them. Are we never happy lol. Thank you again and enjoy your little one xxx

Hidden in reply to Snuggles144

You're not being irrational at all. It's totally natural to see these as being the only reason you are pregnant but they aren't. They have just helped you get to this stage, and accepting that is HARD!

I wish I could say it gets easier but it doesn't. I had a massive bleed with reduced movements a week before I had her and was scared something had gone wrong. When she was born she had a congenital birth defect which means she will be partially deaf her whole life. She has stage 3 Microtia (look up images) which we think is so very cute, but we also know she may be bullied for it. So I have to raise my daughter to do something I never could, stand up to or ignore bullies. It just doesn't seem fair. The hard moments of a normal pregnancy and a normal baby are hard. This experience you have been through can make it harder but also makes everything so much more worthwhile. I wish I could tell you to enjoy every moment, but that might make you feel guilty for not enjoying the hard moments, pregnancy pains, sleepless nights and endless screaming (which anyone would be insane for actually enjoying). Instead I'll tell you to treasure the first kicks, looking into your baby's eyes for the first time, the first smile, babble and giggle. They are the bits that will make this feel even more special. And during the hard parts, you will know that they won't last, and will make you stronger, because this journey has already made you stronger x

Snuggles144 in reply to Hidden

I think your little girl has the most amazing mummy!!! Your daughter will be just fine and in today’s world of bullies being strong and brave is something I think every child needs to be. It sounds like you had quite a scare and hopefully now you are enjoying baby.

Thank you and you are right. The ivf journey is very different and makes you more hyper sensitive to everything. I will absolutely enjoy all of the things you said and try not to stress to much at the in between times.

Thank you for your really lovely heartfelt reply. Xxx

Hidden in reply to Snuggles144

Thank you. You will be an amazing mummy too xxx

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I stopped at 12 weeks and remember feeling petrified, but all was well. It was actually a relief to be less constipated! Good luck with it all xxx

Snuggles144 in reply to Flimzee

Thank you Flimzee I have had boughts of constipation so hopefully like you it will ease of. Did you find a change with your boobs? Last night was the first night I have taken my bra of and not felt sore? Nipples still extra sensitive but no pain so that was another worry. Who would have thought we pain was a comfort lol xx

Just wanted to say congratulations on getting this far 👍🏻 I’m sure you’ll be fine xx


Hi Snuggles. Don’t be scared.nyour body is doing all the work now. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Diane

Thank you DianeArnold. You know what I am like🙈 Diane you have been fabulous. So reassuring. It’s just strange how desperate you are to get of them then you don’t want to let them go lol. Xxx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Snuggles144

You will be fine. This is “real” pregnancy now - enjoy it! Diane xx

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