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Good morning

This is our first ICSI cycle and we had 1 embroyo transferred last Wednesday.

I have had sore boobs, constant headache and just yesterday evening started spotting. I am not due to take the test until Monday 26th has anyone else experienced these symptoms? The bleeding only lasted for 10 mins if that and it was only there when i wipes. Sorry for the detail.It started off with some brown discharge and then was pinky/red colour: Nothing this morning as I left a pad in overnight just to monitor but I have woken up with back pain this morning and had cramps.

Any help ladies or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, it’s so hard to tell for sure but that may be a good sign as it could be implantation. Symptoms are different to read as all women are different but in my case. My first cycle failed and for that cycle I had no symptoms except sore boobs. My second cycle I had red blood bleeding and terrible cramps so I assumed it had also failed but on otd I got my bfp and now have my miracle 4 month old son. . The tww is an absolute nightmare as seems to drag on forever but try to keep positive as spotting / bleeding isn’t always a bad sign. Hope you get that bfp on the 26th xx

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Thank you so much for your reply and your warming comments. It does make me feel more positive and I have to try and keep it going. I was due to go back to work today but just not mentally in the right place after last night. Thank you again xx

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Strawberrychaos in reply to Hidden

Take your time and try to relax as much as possible. It’s an incredibly stressful thing to go through and mentally exhausting as your mind can’t really think of anything else. I made the mistake of googling my symptoms when the bleeding started and most posts I read talked of failure and miscarriage. I was a wreck until I found this forum where all the lovely ladies on here shared their experiences and helped to calm me a little and got me through to otd. So now in turn I try to do the same for ladies who had the same symptoms as me. Xx

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Thank you so so much :) you really have given me hope and I do believe in what will be will be. X I am so praying for that bfp

Hoping that the bleeding eases off and all will be well for your OTD. Good luck xx

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Thank you so much. No more bleeding since last night so hopefully all is going to be ok. Keeping positive thank you for your kind words means a lot xx

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Dunla in reply to Hidden

Oh that’s good, hopefully there’ll be no more x

I’ve had on and off spotting since 4dp5dt and I got my BFP on Saturday so it can be a good sign! X

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Thank you so much. Fingers crossed it is a good sign xx so happy for you congrats on your news 💖

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kirstyblue in reply to Hidden

Thank you. Good luck x

Hopefully its just a little implantation bleeding. Its so hard wondering what our bodies are up to in the 2ww....wishing you luck for a positive outcome!xx

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It really is. Just spoke to the clinic and they have brought my pregnancy test forward to Friday so going in for a blood test. Fingers crossed and wish you all the best too xxx

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Cinderella5 in reply to Hidden

Oh wow, not long to wait now then!! Fingers crossed! Thank you!xx

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Sassa1234 in reply to Hidden

Same OTD, me home test. Good luck x

I had a 5day FET last Wednesday as well, first few days I just had some pokey feelings and twinges in my womb. Today had some spotting, just a small amount of brown in my knickers. Tonight I feel a bit achy and tired. Fingers crossed for both of us it’s implantation xx

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Thank you so much and wishing you all the best xx agreed fingers crossed it’s all good news xx

I am in the same boat. 7 days post implant. Have had sore breaths the slight twinge and today some spotting. Due to test Friday, can’t wait!

Best of luck to all you lovely ladies waiting and super congrats to those who have had positive results. Let nature and science be on our side 😁

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Amazing we are all on this journey together ladies 🙏xx good luck for friday that’s when I am testing. I have had terrible headaches but I think that is the pessaries? 💖

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