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MC in weeks 9-13


Hi everyone, I was so happy I am 9 weeks pregnant after IVF. I went to see my GP, and in a very "practical" way she said there's nothing to do now until my week 12 scan as the risk of MC is still quite high when the placenta is forming around 9-13 weeks. I am shocked, I had a MC last year and was thinking the risk after a heartbeat on the week 8 scan would be significantly lower. I know she didn't mean to scare me but she surely did, I guess she wasn't aware of what's constantly going on in our minds for those of us who have been having problems to have our babies.

She also mentioned something about taking half an aspirin a day, but then said maybe later on. And the flu shot also later on.... it was quite a confusing appointment, can't wait for my midwive appointment to ask all these questions ( I am still waiting for an appointment letter for that!)

Thank you all xxxx

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!! That does sound like a frustrating appointment. It must be so scary, having worried all the way through getting pregnant and still worrying now you’re actually pregnant. Try to relax and be kind to yourself, stress and worry is definitely not going to help. Hopefully your midwife appointment will come through soon and that will put your mind at rest x

Sorry you had such a strange experience. I have no idea why your GP would frighten you like that. Just try to relax and not worry. It's obviously scary for you as you've miscarried before but try not to let that play on your mind. I think your GP was just trying to say there's always risk, which is true. But you've seen the heartbeat so so far so good, just look after yourself and don't do anything too strenuous. Best of luck... Only a few more weeks to go.

Obs you doctor has a (tiny!) but more knowledge than me. BUT you risk has dramatically decreased. I was told after 9weeks your at 1% by my consultant. “So you’re pretty much nearly there” is what she said. I think that’s why they do bookings from 8weeks too. You’re not safe- I suppose you never are- but you’re almost as good as it gets 😀 Poo to your doctor 😛


Your GP i am quite sure is wrong, 8 weeks is the golden number - look at Tommy's research and other sites that show that you are 98% there at 8 weeks when a heartbeat has been detected at this point. Many missed miscarriages happen at that point and most likely not noticed till week 9-12.


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This is what I was told also at the ivf hospital and these guys are experts. Easier said than done but try not to worry. I got told about flu jabs and starting taking aspirin after my 12 week scan. I think the aspirin is to do with the plancenta. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope all goes well.xx

My last mc in July was at 13w baby had stopped at 9w I’m pregnant again and it’s a massive worry my 1st was found at 12w blighted ovum.

I’m trying not to even think about the pregnancy. I hope everything goes well for you I’m sure it will xx I’m taking baby aspirin aswel just incase.

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