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Need your advice please ladies!!


I have been feeling nausea lately and just not feeling myself so decided to take a pregnancy test.. or 4 lol!

The most recent one is at the top, is this a positive or an evaporation line?

It looks slightly more pink and noticeable in person but my camera makes them look lighter.

Due to having PCOS I don't have regular periods so cant work out if I'm testing early or not.

Any advice would be appreciated :)

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I can see a bit of a squinter second line on the most recent one, Ive never had an evap line.....mine are always blank. What about getting a clear blue with the actual words pregnant/not pregnant on it to try tomorrow with first morning urine or an early first response is usually the most sensitive. Good luck.xx

Yes I'm going to nip out and get some tonight, I'm hoping it's not just this brand of tests giving me false hope! Thank you xx

Dunla in reply to Chantelle07

I agree with Cinderella. The top one appears to have a faint second line. Hope the digital test tomorrow gives you more clarity xx

Chantelle07 in reply to Dunla

Does it look anything like an evaporation line? I wasn't sure if pink dye does this or not? Thank you xx

Dunla in reply to Chantelle07

I’m sorry Chantelle, I really don’t know. Hoping someone else will know the answer xx


I agree with Cinderella I can see a faint second line on the most recent one & also agree it is better to get a clearblue digital one that spells out pregnant/not pregnant- I used one when I tested as I think @4 weeks pregnant the lines would be very faint & difficult to see! Give it time & it will get darker & more obvious!i personally have never experienced a evap line- if I wasn’t pregnant it would just show as one line. Really hope this is your much wanted BFP good luck xoxo 😘

I do see a faint line on the top test. Perhaps you could book in with your gp for blood tests? xx

Seems indeed all positive!

Maybe booked blood test if that reassures you.

Good luck!

Try a first response test as they are really sensitive (from experience the shop savers do their own identical version for £2.99)

Good luck x

Try using a first response in a day or so - very hard to say. I’ve had tests like this and it’s ended up in a big fat period xx

Hi there, I think I can see a squinter if a line! Got my fingers crossed for you 💕 xx

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