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Disappointing afternoon


We had our treatment plan appointment this afternoon ready for beginning our FET. I don’t know how the misunderstanding has happened but we were under the impression that we qualified for 2 funded rounds of ivf, this is however not the case and it was just the one that we’ve already had (resulting in a bfn) I realise that we are so lucky to have had the first one funded it was just a bit of a shock to the system and obviously doesn’t come cheap. I think it’s so unfair that it is all based on your postcode, it should be the same for everyone going through the nightmare of infertility.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. We will have our drugs ordered tomorrow and then it will be waiting for period day 1 to ring the clinic and begin. Fingers crossed that our next blastocyst decides to stick 🤞🏻🙏🏻

Love to everyone going through this difficult journey xx

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I'm sorry that your FET isn't funded. The post code lottery sucks. Best of luck with your FET x

Jebby86 in reply to LegoBatgirl

Thank you xx

That really sucks it only covers the fresh round. I think the NICE guidelines define a round as a fresh and any frozen embryos resulting from that round (and recommends we should be offered 3 such rounds!)

I suppose at least with a FET youve already done a lot of the steps. Still not nice to be landed with an unexpected bill! Postcode lottery is so rubbish xx

We had the same issue altho we didn't get funding for any! I have blocked tubes and pcos and when I was with my ex they were happy to go ahead with funding, I then married a woman and they said "Well you have her uterus I suggest you use it" well that's all well and good only I want to carry not her! So we went private and 3rounds later, a fair bit of heartache, illness etc we are now 21wks pregnant and preparing for our little man to arrive in March!

Things that are meant to be will be and no amount of Drs can tell us any different!

Good luck on your journey, honestly the money will be money well spent when you see that BFP xxx

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